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Visier Q2 Brings New Strategic Partnerships,...

Visier Q2 Brings New Strategic Partnerships, New Product Launches, and New Capabilities to Help Business Leaders Thrive During Uncertain Times

As the world economy and political situation remains in turmoil, businesses need more insights. Learn how Visier’s recent Q2 offerings help.

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A little over a year ago, everyone seemed hopeful that the pandemic was over, “The Great Resignation” was a thing of the past, and the economy would soon rebound. Since then, Russia invaded Ukraine, inflation continues to soar, and people fear a looming economic recession.

While Visier can’t stop the war or inflation, we remain focused on delivering products and partnerships that can help with business problems. At Outsmart 2022, our speakers gave advice on overcoming the “last mile problem” to get people insights into the hands of front-line managers. Our Yva.ai acquisition announced in May has been integrated with Visier to become Workplace Dynamics to help customers better understand their people. And for those who fear a recession, Visier has a guide on How to Recession Proof Your Business.

A year ago, Goldman Sachs Asset Management’s $125M Series E funding provided a strong vote of confidence in Visier’s place in the market. Their confidence is well-placed. Since then, we see signs that the people analytics market is significantly maturing, with increased appreciation of how it can positively impact business. 

With the current challenges of the economy, the need for data and insights is greater than ever. Visier is proud to provide those insights, including our new monthly resignation report to keep you up to date on what’s happening.

See the press release: Visier Creates New Customer Value Through Strategic Partnerships and Product Launches in Q2

Highlights from Visier’s Q2 include:

Company Momentum

  • Visier announced Ian McVey joined as the new SVP and General Manager of EMEA. McVey brings decades of experience in the EMEA market during a time of rapid expansion for Visier.

  • Visier expanded its Visier NOW solutions to include Recession Resilience, a focused solution designed to support organizations through turbulent market conditions, helping them to take proactive, data-driven action now, to both weather an economic downturn and prepare for the subsequent rebound.

  • Visier launched Workplace Dynamics, integrating the technology provided through the recent asset acquisition of Yva.ai, along with proprietary Visier technology to offer organizations the most comprehensive insights into the productivity and well-being of their employees.

How To Recession Proof Your Business

Market Momentum

  • Visier welcomed new enterprise customers, including a Latin American investment brokerage, a global packaging provider, an insurance provider, an international credit union, and a multinational media conglomerate.  

  • Visier announced a strategic partnership with Deloitte. Together, Deloitte and Visier can provide enterprise organizations guidance and professional services support around their people analytics journey, combining category-defining people analytics solutions with world-renowned consulting services.

  • Visier launched a new embedded partnership with symplr. The new offering will provide healthcare providers with insights that enable more agile and better, data-driven staffing decisions.

  • Visier launched a free workforce benchmarking service that provides public access to over 500 different employee insights via an intuitive search-based interface. These insights are sourced from Visier’s 15 million anonymized employee records.

Leadership Momentum

  • Visier launched several new reports during the second quarter, including:

Gen z workers
  • Visier research also launched a free monthly resignation report to the general public. Based on 15 million aggregated and anonymized records, this public data source tracks employee resignations as a bellwether of labor market health two months ahead of data available from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Visier launched a new podcast called “The Human Truth.” Each episode takes a closer look at a popular workforce statistic ripped from the headlines and asks: Where’d it come from? Is it true? And why should we care?

As we head into our next quarter, we continue to gain momentum. Coming up in September is HR Tech, where Visier—the global leader in people analytics—will share insights and thought leadership. Booth attendees can learn more about how our latest technology can help them in their people analytics journey (and attendees also get some fun surprise gifts!) Stay tuned to learn about new research, new partnerships, and new product launches. 

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