Why Visier

A smarter approach to compensation planning

Visier® Smart Compensation makes compensation planning radically effective. Finally a compensation solution that combines the art + science of your pay philosophy across the business for better decisions, elevates manager competency for better pay conversations with employees, and helps remove bias.

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Visier Smart Compensation video

Visier Smart Compensation video (1:27)

Fixing what’s broken in compensation planning

Automate compensation workflows and deliver a simplified manager experience

  • Encodes your pay philosophy—such as pay-for-performance, or reducing risk of resignation—into each merit cycle, so you connect strategy with execution.
  • A data-driven, 360-degree view of each employee leverages people analytics that matter to automatically optimize merit pay decisions while simplifying the manager experience.

Empower managers to make data-driven compensation decisions

  • Support managers to make more data-driven decisions to create more consistency for effective decisions while maintaining accountability and avoid exceptions that lead to pay disparities.
  • Elevate manager competency so they can have more effective pay discussions with employees that supports growing pay transparency needs.

Meet the next-generation compensation planning solution

Unbiased pay decisions made easy for managers. Maximize the financial impact of merit pay decisions before committing your budget dollars.

Unbiased compensation, unlimited visibility

  • Guide a more fair and equitable process by accounting for more factors that drive differences in pay decisions.
  • Proactively address bias with an unbiased baseline recommendation and deviation tracking that gives HR a log of rationale.

Drive retention of high performers and reduce turnover

  • Retain the right people by understanding the risk of resignation as part of your compensation strategy.
  • Dedicate budget in the merit cycle to retain key talent in critical roles in your organization, and avoid turnover cost.
Lydia Wu

The reason why I love Smart Comp so much, is number one, I think it takes our comp practices out of the nineties. And, number two, it really adds that layer of intelligence to how we do total rewards.

Lydia Wu, Director of HR Strategy & TechnologyPanasonic North America