Generative AI for People Analytics

Meet Vee, Your AI Assistant for People Analytics

Vee adds a simple conversational interface to Visier People®, so leaders from across your business can ask their most pressing people questions and get instant answers—all in natural language.

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Why use Vee

Get everyone using it

Vee helps you deliver insights org-wide, even to those who don’t speak analytics.

Get answers instantly

Vee serves up workforce insights in seconds, securely, tailored to the role of the person asking.

Get the story right

Vee shows and tells—so all your users can interpret the data correctly.

A whole new way to interact with Visier

Ask Vee

Ask Vee

There’s zero learning curve with Vee–just use plain English to ask any question about your workforce. Vee translates your question into a query and uses generative AI to come back with an accurate narrative answer based on your organization’s people data within Visier.

Explore with Vee

Explore with Vee

Your first question to Vee is just the beginning. Continue the conversation using natural language to drill down further. Compare against any dimension you choose, or see how your org stacks up against its peers using benchmarks. Vee even suggests follow-up questions for you.

Take action starting with Vee

Take action starting with Vee

Vee converts insights into powerful stories or dashboards to share with others. Vee delivers insights to managers across the business so they can take small, everyday actions that add up to big change.

Build a compliant, future-ready workforce

Use Vee in Microsoft Teams or Slack

Vee’s integration with Microsoft Teams and Slack means managers throughout the organization can ask questions and get valuable insights about their people from within the communication tools they use all day.

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Survey: Skilling the Global Workforce of the Future & Gen AI

To better understand views on skills training, and AI at work, Visier did a global survey of over 3,000 employees from C-level to entry-level.

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Explore more with Vee and Visier’s AI offerings

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