Visier Insights™ Report: New Facts About Layoffs and RIFs

Data-backed insights about involuntary turnover

The tech layoffs that began in 2022 have dominated media cycles and grabbed public attention. Are they representative of what’s actually happening across the job market as a whole?

To get a better understanding of the layoff landscape, we dove into the data and interviewed CHROs about their experiences with layoff and reduction in force (RIF) events. We found interesting insights about the frequency of layoffs, critical factors that influence decisions about who to let go, and how layoffs impact terminated and remaining employees.

It’s all here. Download the new report to learn:

  • How involuntary turnover rates are trending over time across industries
  • New patterns in involuntary turnover of women and men
  • Perspectives from CHROs based on their experiences with layoff and RIF events