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Trust and Security


Our Trust Services Program was established to ensure that Visier takes an integrated and holistic approach to protecting customer data.

As part of the program, our Information Security, Privacy, Legal, and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) teams work closely together to ensure we continue to:

  • meet applicable legal and regulatory obligations, 
  • maintain and enhance a robust internal control environment, and 
  • fulfill the commitments we made to our customers.

The program is further supported by corporate policies, processes and practices that have been designed to meet industry standards and information security frameworks and align with applicable privacy laws and best practices. Visier provides customers additional comfort over its practices by regularly obtaining validation and third-party attestations from independent audit and security organizations.

Individuals from the Trust Services Program are experienced professionals and possess designations and certifications in the areas of information security, privacy, audit and compliance.

While we consider several aspects in designing and enhancing our Trust Services Program, its core components are based on people, governance, technology, continuous improvement, and assurance. 

To learn more about these components, click on the interactive diagram below:


Our program is comprised of and managed by a team of subject matter experts in the areas of information security, privacy, risk management, governance, audit, and compliance. Diversity of expertise within the Trust Services team drives Visier's integrated and holistic approach in protecting the organization and our customers.

Trust Contacts

Have you seen a potential vulnerability or security issue? Please contact our security team at

For privacy questions please contact

To contact Visier’s Data Protection Officer (DPO), please email