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Don’t Leave Me This Way: Retaining Top Employees

Competition for top talent has never been fiercer. Experts discuss strategies for keeping your best employees from walking out the door.

5 Tips for Getting Started With Skills Data

Stay competitive and get the most from your workforce by leveraging your organization’s skills data.

A Pandemic-Triggered Change in Job Roles Shows the Extent of Work Disruption

The pandemic's disruption to work is highlighted in recent data from Visier. See how work changed by job title, time period, and industry.

What’s Really Causing the Great Resignation?

What does “the Great Resignation” mean and what are its causes? Read a round up of different media takes on this subject.

How Predictive People Analytics Helps Businesses of All Sizes Thrive

Predictive analytics help companies make smarter decisions, but until now, they were only accessible to larger firms. That’s changing with a new feature from Visier.

The C Sheet December 3: Boomerang Employees, Stay Interviews, and Disproportionate Feedback

This week in workforce news: the newest Great Resignation trends, unequal feedback, and why you should be doing stay interviews.

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Take a deep dive into some of today’s hottest people, culture, and business topics.


Modern management is effectively aligning the needs of people and business for best results. Learn more about the methods, tools, and outcomes for strategically managing people.

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Who is Training the Next Generation of Managers?

A lack of trained leaders for future roles is yet another pandemic fallout. Organizations can overcome, though, by sharing power and listening. Here's how.


Why People Analytics is Key to Solving CEOs’ Most Critical Business Issues: New Report

Stacia Garr of RedThread Research reveals why C-suite leaders who embrace people analytics outpace competitors who haven’t unlocked this superpower.


What’s a “Mouse Wiggler?” Or, How to Manage People in a Hybrid Work Environment

Research shows remote productivity is up, but some still game the WFH system by "wiggling the mouse." So how can managers best manage hybrid work teams?


Optimizing HR for Employee Experience with Brittani, Danielle, and Eric of the Auto Club Group

In this profile, we talk to three HR leaders at the Auto Club Group to learn how they're optimizing HR and expanding their work in employee experience.


The Many Layers of Providence’s Gary Russo, Workforce Intelligence Analyst and Ex-Superhero

In this profile, we talk to Providence's Gay Russo about his unique path to HR, supporting healthcare workers during COVID, and Captain America.


What the Pandemic Taught Us About Leadership

Workforce data and surveys from the pandemic are starting to come out, and a lot of it has to do with how people managers are—or aren't—leading their teams.


People are at the heart of every operation, and your company culture is more important than ever. Find out how top corporations are prioritizing employee needs for business success.

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Data and Diversity: How do Companies Turn Good Will into Systemic Change?

How does data help a desire to ‘do the right thing’ manifest as systemic change? Here we share how to accelerate progress on your diversity goals.


How to Mitigate the Employee Burnout Epidemic

Burnout was one of the main drivers of The Great Resignation. But just as the reasons for burnout are varied, so are the solutions for addressing it.


Bringing Diversity to Life

How to ensure your diversity goals become a reality, using Visier Guided Diversity Planning


Letter from the Editor: Welcome to the New Visier Blog — Outsmart

We are proud to introduce the new and improved, redesigned, and rebranded blog: Outsmart. If the name sounds familiar that’s…


The Economic & Human Cost of Extreme Heat: Thousands of Deaths, Billions of Dollars

Unchecked, the climate crisis will cause catastrophe with workers dying and financial disaster. A number of new reports lay out the impending meltdown.


The 3 A’s for Recruiting More Diverse Talent

Creating more diverse teams starts with hiring more diverse candidates. These three steps make it easier to address issues in your recruiting funnel.


Your HR stack is ever-evolving, but the need for analytics is always a constant. Learn today’s best practices for integrating modern tech into your HR, finance, and business operations.

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5 Tips for Getting Started With Skills Data

Stay competitive and get the most from your workforce by leveraging your organization’s skills data.

White Paper

People Powered: Diversity and Talent in High-Growth Technology

How to maximise business potential with people insights


What is People Analytics and How Do I Get Started?

Taking the first steps into data-driven HR can feel daunting so we’ve broken down a simple checklist to prepare for your people analytics journey.


How to Build a People Analytics Dream Team to Help Your Business Thrive

When it comes to successful people analytics, the right tech is only part of the equation. Drive impact with your organization's people strategy by building a solid people analytics team.


The Time is Right for AI-Powered Career Pathing–Here’s Why

Switching employers isn’t the only way to revive a career. Here’s how AI is helping people find new jobs within their organizations.


AI Ethics Codes: Why You Shouldn’t Make Remote Work Compensation Decisions Without One

Hybrid work is shaking up pay strategies, and AI can help. But this does not mean the tech should call the shots.


Original reports and white papers from Visier’s research and data teams publish emerging patterns, and identify trends so you can back up your business decisions with data.

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The Burnout Epidemic Report 2021

The pulse on employee burnout

Mad About Skills: A Top Reason People Are Quitting Jobs

New Visier survey uncovers need for further investment in employee reskilling and upskilling

Visier Insights™ Report: Stop The Exit

A data-driven approach to retaining top talent.

Visier Insights™ Report: Racial/Ethnic Career Gap Reveals Magnitude of Equity Challenge

This report details the alarming scale of inequity between white working professionals and their non-white counterparts as it relates to…


Discover the latest upgrades, additions, and offerings from Visier, plus learn about company culture, happenings, and our amazing people.

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How Predictive People Analytics Helps Businesses of All Sizes Thrive

Predictive analytics help companies make smarter decisions, but until now, they were only accessible to larger firms. That’s changing with a new feature from Visier.

Product News

Ask Visier: How Does New Hire Turnover Compare with Overall Turnover?

Not all causes of turnover are the same. Organizations wanting to get a handle on turnover need to be able to separate new hire and overall turnover data.

Embedded Analytics

3 Reasons HR Tech Vendors Choose Visier Embedded Analytics

Learn how HR companies can use people analytics to power their HR strategy.

Product News

Ask Visier: How Does My U.S. Company’s Diversity Compare to the EEOC Guidelines?

How does your company’s diversity compare with the EEOC guidelines? Our Senior People Analytics Consultant explains how to use benchmarking to improve diversity.

Product News

Ask Visier: Who Are Your Highest Performers?

How can you tell who are your highest performers? Visier's Senior People Analytics Consultant explains why it matters and how people analytics makes it easy.

Company News

Meet Yustina Saleh, VP Research & Value: “Data is the Best Partner in the World”

Yustina Saleh has an extensive background in using data science to uncover insights about skills and education in the labor…

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