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Visier, under the hood

Visier's cloud architecture is designed to easily plug into your existing data and analytics fabric, providing immediate value by making your data actionable. Learn more

Data Sources

Applicant tracking, human capital management, or other systems.
A tablet screenshot with data

Countless people data points, unified

Visier People™, the foundation of a future-proof people analytics strategy, is an open platform that unifies people data from across your organization.

A tablet screenshot with data
A tablet screenshot with data

Gold-standard people insights delivered in record time

Get data in and out of Visier fast to ensure that everyone, in all systems, has accurate and actionable people insights.

Turn data from anywhere into answers
The open platform design prepares and models any people data delivering a great user experience—making it useful for analytics while also fueling adoption across your enterprise.
Plug & play, expert data wrangling
Visier’s HCM domain-specific data-processing capabilities combined with best practice rules and logic automatically transforms raw data into an analytics data model.
Perfectly scalable people insights
The power of Visier’s best-in-class people insights can be infused into other domain-specific applications, enterprise data warehouses, data lakes, or BI tools.

Integrate with an extensible platform

The Visier open platform augments and enhances even the most diversified data and analytic fabric. Seamlessly integrate data from disparate sources to provide complete and accurate people insights.

Prebuilt connectors
Onboard data quickly using prebuilt data connectors for the most common HCM and ATS solutions.
APIs, import and export options
Build your own data integrations, import bulk data, export and query data from Visier People using several options.
Flat files
Connect any data, no matter the size, volume, or source using a flat file-based data integration.

Leave the data wrangling to us

Preparing data in the format needed for analyses is the most time consuming step of the analytics process—leave it to us to do the hard work for you.
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Your data, transformed and cleansed

Visier preps your data for analysis, fills in the voids, and creates derived data attributes.
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Your data, organized and simplified

Visier infers relationships between tables, building an extensible analytical model for your business.
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Your data, made decision-ready

Visier creates decision-ready analytics built to answer HR and people managers’ most pressing questions—on demand.

Scale gold-standard people insights

Visier People gives you the flexibility you need to align analytics capabilities with user needs, skill levels, and expectations.

Rich analytics experiences

Embed differentiated analytics experiences in your own websites, apps, and portals.
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Rich analytics experiences

Embed differentiated analytics experiences in your own websites, apps, and portals.
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Cloud-scale innovation

Accelerate your people analytics journey with constant innovation delivered by our ecosystem of experts.

Visier People opens a world of business insights

Get the answers you need to create the business you want.