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Supercharge your analytics capabilities overnight

Accelerate revenue by embedding people analytics in your product to drive critical insights for your customers. With our seamless technology, you can go to market in a snap.

People Fluent

The power of Visier, now inside your solution

Visier Embedded Analytics™ provides the technology, market expertise, and partnership to help you succeed further with your customers.
Accelerate revenue growth

Discover your new analytics business-in-a-box

We partner with you every step of the way to design, build, deploy, and go to market. Bring your data together in a matter of weeks—not months and years.

Smart, yet simple, analytics

Accelerate your revenue growth with market-leading analytics

Demands of the market and strong competition can be hard to keep on top of. Stay ahead and cut your time-to-value with expert analytics as a differentiator.

Smart yet simple analytics

Make analytics smart, yet simple, for your customers

Democratize data for every user at any skill level and enable your customers to gather meaningful insights without the complexity.

Consumable insights without compromise

Visier’s curated content helps your customers craft the right questions—and corresponding insights—to address their most-asked questions. Our guidebooks allow anyone to drill into topics, perform analysis, and see results paired with detailed explanations.

Consumable insights without compromise for power using Guidebooks

Confidence in knowing what good looks like

Don’t let your customers make business decisions based on intuition. Visier Benchmarks™ are based on millions of anonymous employee records, allowing organizations to identify the largest opportunities for change in their business.

Confidence in knowing what good looks like with Benchmarks

Predict the future with historical data

No matter the size of your customer, use predictive analytics to address issues within their organization. Our standardized predictive data model aggregates and anonymizes data to highlight the five most important drivers for each employee’s prediction to take action.

A look back into the future with Visier Predictions

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Shortest route to revenue:

Full end-to-end ongoing support to build an analytics product that’s a perfect fit for your customers.

Platform with power

Embed a full-stack analytic platform right within your product that has all the capabilities your customers are asking for. No lengthy timelines and no hidden costs. Best of all, we’re connected to your customers’ stickiest products with our expansive ecosystem network.

Your partners in success

Best-in-class analytics and data management teams work with you to design, build, deploy and go to market. Your product doesn’t have to sacrifice ease of use for powerful capabilities.

Content that answers

With over 10 years experience in the people analytics space, we understand what your customers need. Pull data insights from thousands of best-practice metrics, concepts, and dimensions.

Continuous improvement never stops

Rapid, ongoing innovation and feature improvements to delight your customers, and our go to market teams make it easy to launch, grow, and expand.

Go to market enablement at your fingertips

Our customer success, sales enablement, and marketing teams are here to support you. From SKO training to support enablement, to branded thought-leadership content and marketing partnerships, it’s our mission to ensure you’re an expert in people analytics for your customers.

We give your customers the ability to make
data-driven decisions at any skill level

Give them more reasons to keep coming back to you for more with Visier

Applicant Tracking

Getting the right applicants starts before they even apply. Help your customers track the health of their funnel and know where their best employees are coming from so they know where to focus their efforts for a tailored recruitment nurture strategy that just clicks.

Recruitment funnel Icon
Performance Management

Your customers want to know what motivates their employees and how they can retain their top talent as they grow into more senior roles. Help them go even further by understanding who the most effective people leaders are so they can scale learnings organization-wide.

Data visualization showing hiring funnel insights Icon
Talent Management

Help your customers solve one of their most pressing problems and know what makes their employees tick to retain their workforce. Give them the direction to know how to improve engagement, increase diversity, reduce turnover and what the most significant attributes are at play.

Talent Management Icon
Learning Development

Give your customers a lens into their organization’s skills gap and what is required to upskill and reskill in order for their employees to meet their business’ most critical goals and progress further in their careers.

Skill tracking Icon

Answers to your customer’s most pressing questions around the cost of their workforce, compensation, overtime costs, and more can be found within the payroll data you help them automate. Go further with a view into how their budget spending is trending while ensuring employees are paid on time and competitively.

Actual direct compensation Icon
Workforce Management

It’s hard to plan and forecast without the right tools and your customers know that. Give them visibility for smarter scheduling and operations answers that work for them, and not the other way around.

Overtime hour trends Icon

Organizational efficiency is what your customers come to you for. Give them what they want and more with easier planning forecasts based on their busiest and quietest periods. Reduce unneeded labor costs and never feel the stretch with a workforce that just works for them.

Skill tracking Icon

Building your own BI solution is expensive

The total cost of ownership can reach over $1.8M. Let Visier bear the development costs while your customers gain easy-to-use analytics that integrate seamlessly with your product.
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