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Stay ahead of your business needs with Visier People®, the people analytics solution that delivers answers to hundreds of questions about your workforce at the touch of a button.

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Calculate the Cost of Your Manager Turnover

There are direct and indirect costs to account for when managers leave. Find out the impact of your manager turnover with this online calculator.

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Deliver Impact With Your HCM Tech Dollars

Know which technologies will be the most effective to your long-term success with the Gartner Hype Cycle for Human Capital Management Technology 2019.

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Turn Diversity Aspiration into Achievement

Get the insight you need to drive strategic and meaningful change within your organization with the newly launched Visier People® Diversity & Inclusion.

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Meet Your Partners for Success

Whether you need professional integrators or help with your people analytics strategy, Visier’s partner network provides the group of experts you can count on.

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Uncover your
data secrets

Visier People—the Global 2000 choice for people analytics and workforce planning—enables you to see the insights in your data so you can make decisions that lead to better business results today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Visier People: Surprise your assumptions with unmatched insights

Workforce Planning

Transform your workforce planning process and its effectiveness, by enabling continuous, collaborative, data-driven planning — and make more informed investments, optimize workforce costs, and eliminate surprises.

Visier People: Planning

Talent Acquisition Analytics

Achieve deep insights into your recruitment processes, programs, and results — from questions about your applicant pipeline and sourcing, to quality of hire and candidate diversity, to hiring process and recruiter capacity and predicting time to hire.

Visier People: Talent Acquisition

Learning Analytics

Gain new understanding of the effectiveness of learning programs, activities, and content — from questions about learning impact, to learning engagement and operations, to compliance learning, new hire programs, and leadership development.

Visier People: Learning

Talent Analytics

Answer all your important talent questions, from those about employee retention and movement to performance and engagement to leave management, compensation, leadership succession, risk management, and how talent decisions impact business results.

Visier People: Talent

Visier Value

People Analytics Drives 17% Manager Turnover Reduction

Find out why the world’s best brands choose Visier.

Pitney Bowes
Electronic Arts
Digital Globe
Dignity Health

Connect workforce health to patient outcomes.

Mitigate the risk of caregiver shortages. Reduce absenteeism and overtime costs. And understand how to improve patient satisfaction through more informed people decisions.

Bank on your workforce to boost business results.

Navigate growth and change through data-driven workforce planning. Predict which top talent is at risk of leaving. And maximize the results of your recruiting programs.

Develop a diverse, top talent workforce.

Understand how to hire and develop more top performers — in time. Connect compensation and talent development to innovation. And see how to drive the best results by connecting workforce dynamics to business outcomes.

Develop enough skilled workers — in time.

Highlight risks of workforce shortages from highly-skilled technical personnel. Prepare for the retirement of key personnel by visualizing career path data for critical roles. And build effective recruiting and succession programs.

Get ahead of workforce risk.

Visualize career paths for critical roles to discover how to develop staff. Avoid dips in output caused by shortages of skilled workers by seeing what attributes increase the likelihood of resignation to keep processes running.

Boost sales with people insights.

Build a diverse workforce that leads to higher customer satisfaction with people analytics and workforce planning. Easily connect workforce factors and business data to see the impact of workforce programs, store by store.

Explore key findings that drive high-value people analytics.

The Age of People Analytics Research Report reveals the value of people analytics based on the leading practices of over 250 organizations.

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