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Visier Embedded Analytics™

Your fastest path to revenue-boosting people analytics

Embed a little. Embed a lot. We can help you start or supercharge your analytics overnight.

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Visier Embedded Analytics

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The power of Visier, inside your solution

Visier provides the platform and expertise to turn people data into revenue and competitive advantage. Embed with Visier to deliver the world’s best reporting, analytics, and generative AI inside your product.

Deliver on time, on budget

Overcome resource constraints by embedding the latest in people intelligence technology your customers are asking for.

Drive incremental revenue

Turn people data into instant revenue with the only people intelligence platform used by leading brands in the HR Tech space.

Find your competitive edge

Visier helps companies turn people data into competitive advantage. Let us help you shape a product and GTM strategy.

Your path to analytics starts here

Get the shortcut to analytics your customers want, no matter the use case.

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Add powerful context to your application with enriched people data

Access our extensive people data repository and library of APIs. Take advantage of our aggregated dataset across millions of employee records to supplement your own data so you can help customers work smarter and make more informed business decisions.

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Bring winning analytics inside your product

Accelerate revenue by embedding people analytics into your product to drive critical insights for your customers. With our out-of-the-box technology, you can go to market in a snap and avoid those expensive multi-year development projects.

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Build world-class analytics for scale with Developer Suite

Developer Suite provides access to Alpine Developer Platform, our analytical platform-as-a-service, for a unified experience to build and embed analytics into your application. Control and flexibility in perfect balance, that’s the power of Alpine by Visier.

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Generative AI at your fingertips

Generative AI at your fingertips

Accelerate revenues with the generative AI solution you can embed inside your product. Innovate fast to offer a conversational UI your customers can use to ask questions naturally and get instant answers to their workforce questions in plain language.

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HR leaders need data more than ever to position themselves as irreplaceable parts of the business, and Visier delivers. There’s a misconception that you need to be a data scientist to use analytics tools. That’s not the case with Visier.

Ryan Bergstrom, Chief Product Officer at Paycor

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