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How Top Brands Innovated With People Data in 2022

2022 was a time for navigating the return to a "new normal". We highlight how Visier's customers innovated with their people data.

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At Visier, our customers have accomplished amazing things this past year. While in many ways 2022 has been a return to “normal,” our customers have dealt with shifting employee dynamicsa looming recession, and continued high resignation rates. As a response to these challenges, they inspired us with their quick adoption, innovation, and problem-solving abilities.

And for that, we want to celebrate some of them and spotlight the outstanding work that they’re doing with Visier. Here are our customers who used people data in inventive ways in 2022. 

10 Visier Customers who innovated with people data in 2022: 

  1. Baptist Health

  2. Sunstate Equipment

  3. Reece Group

  4. Kong Inc.

  5. Commonwealth Bank of Australia

  6. Standard Bank

  7. Phoenix Group

  8. Cartier

  9. eBay

  10. Comerica Bank

1. Baptist Health increased retention to 95%

Visier People® solutions: Organization, Talent Acquisition

Baptist Health, a leading healthcare provider in the central United States, started their journey with Visier to become more data-driven and insight-led. Most recently, they’ve used Visier to gain visibility into the effectiveness of their retention programs.

In 2022, during the surges of COVID-19 variants, they introduced an initiative called the HOPE PTO retention program, which focused on rewarding staff with additional PTO based on tenure. Visier allowed Baptist Health to monitor their employee retention curve in real time, and understand the ROI of their investment in the additional time off. They saw retention rates increase to a stellar 95% and had a ROI of 158% on the program, ultimately allowing them to provide the care that their patients needed throughout the COVID-19 surges.

Read their story: Baptist Health Uses Data to Validate Turnover Reduction Experiment

2. Sunstate Equipment optimized staffing based on profitability

Visier People® solutions: Organization, Talent Essentials, Workforce

Starting their Visier journey in 2021, Sunstate has been able to quickly unlock value and do amazing work with the platform. They’re a great example of how people data can be used alongside business data to make decisions that impact an organization’s bottom line.

In order to determine the right level of staffing at each location, Sunstate used Visier to combine three sets of data: revenue data, utilization data, and overtime data. They were able to know where they were overstaffed or needed more employees based on the profitability of each location. 

Sunstate has been able to realize value with Visier by unifying their data and democratizing it throughout the organization. 

3. Reece Group increased retention by improving the onboarding process

Visier People® solutions: Learning, Organization, Talent Acquisition, Talent Expert

Before starting with Visier, Reece Group saw the need to provide more rapid, holistic, and useful people insights to their leaders. As Australia’s largest distributor of plumbing and HVAC products, it was important to give their business leaders the proper data to make better talent, recruiting, and training decisions.

Visier gave Reece Group the ability to see what was driving turnover in their company. They found that hiring part-time workers had huge benefits on retention and DEI goals, and that the completion of their onboarding process increased retention by five times. More importantly, the use of Visier promoted conversation and addressed long standing ideas.

Read their story: Reece Group Enabled Leaders to Make Better Talent, Recruiting, and Training Decisions

4. Kong Inc. ditched spreadsheets for real-time access to data

Visier People® solutions: Organization, Talent Acquisition, Talent Essentials

Kong Inc, a leading cloud connectivity company, needed to reduce their reliance on spreadsheets and unify their various people data sources to establish a single source of truth. 

So, what did they do?

They got Visier. The real time data that Kong gets through their Visier dashboards is helping them move away from spreadsheets. Using Visier, Kong is also connecting performance data to retention and turnover metrics to definitely see how tenure impacts turnover—something they could have only estimated before.

Gone are the days of “gut feelings” and spreadsheets; now they can quickly see the facts about their workforce all in one central place. 

Read their story: Kong Inc. Uses Visier to Unify Data and Make it Easy

5. Commonwealth Bank of Australia built a hybrid work model unique to their employees

Visier People® solutions: Organization, People Cloud, Planning, Talent

We’re all familiar with the benefits of hybrid work, but how effective is it? That’s what the Commonwealth Bank of Australia wanted to find out with the help of Visier.

To gauge the effectiveness of their hybrid work plan, they had the idea to build out a custom Visier dashboards based on top of their badge scan data. This helped them see who was coming into the office or not. They found that employees who are always in the office or never in the office generally have less optimal outcomes in areas such as employee engagement, wellbeing, and performance. From these insights, they’ll be able to understand the benefits of their hybrid work plan and ultimately what’s best for their people.

After a decade of using Visier, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia is still finding new and creative ways to leverage their people data in ways that make sense for their business.

6. Standard Bank provided insights to line managers for better decision making

Visier People® solutions: Learning, Planning, Talent Acquisition

As the largest bank in the continent of Africa with over 50,000 employees, Standard Bank partnered with Visier to raise awareness and embed the practice of people analytics.

Well, how has it gone? 

Standard Bank has taken people analytics beyond HR. Through dedicated communication and enablement, they’ve empowered line managers to adopt Visier into their everyday work. The visibility that Visier provides allows them to promote specific behavioral outcomes such as vaccination status declaration and leave compliance in the workplace, ultimately becoming a catalyst to drive real-world actions. 

Read their story: Standard Bank Group Uses Visier To Shape Their Workforce

7. Phoenix Group used Visier as their one source of truth 

Visier People® solutions: Learning, Planning, Talent Acquisition

Phoenix Group wants to be “the best place their employees have ever worked at.” As a leading insurance provider based in London, they’re using Visier to make that happen for their 8,000 employees. 

Starting their Visier journey in 2022, they hope to use Visier as a data integration and visualization tool. Visier allows them to have one source of truth from multiple data sources and also gives them the ability to create a long term impact on the company. Using capabilities like predictive analytics to address turnover before it happens is one of their many goals. 

8. Cartier nurtured global growth by providing local leaders with insights

Visier People® solutions: Learning, Organization, Talent Acquisition

Cartier needs no introduction. They’ve been offering legendary jewelry across the world for more than 100 years and are now using Visier to offer people analytics insights to their employees. 

With Visier’s ability to bring together data across multiple sources, Cartier will put data at the center of their business. Putting digestible and actionable data into the hands of its local leaders will allow them to nurture global growth, bringing global capabilities for local relevance. 

9. eBay improved employee experience across the employee lifecycle

Visier People® solutions: Organization, Talent Acquisition

As one of the most recognizable eCommerce brands in the world, eBay leans on Visier to give leaders and managers the information they need to drive decisions. They’ve been using Visier throughout the employee life cycle from recruiting, diversity planning, promotions, and beyond.

Visier gives them the ability to put data in the hands of managers. Using insights and recommendations built into Visier, eBay managers are able to improve the employee experience and address things like attrition before it even happens. 

Read their story: eBay’s Scott Judd on Employee Experience as Part of Hybrid Success

10. Comerica Bank measured the effectiveness of their return-to-office plan

Visier People® solutions: Organization, People Cloud, Talent Acquisition, Talent Expert

How do return-to-office initiatives impact employees? That’s the question Comerica Bank, a Texas-based financial services company is looking to answer with the help of Visier. 

They’re implementing a Visier solution sitting on top of their badge scan data, giving them visibility into employee attendance. In the short term, Comerica Bank will gain insights into the effectiveness of their return-to-office initiatives. As time goes on, they’ll be able to understand how the return to office is affecting employee metrics, such as engagement and turnover. 

In a world where everyone has an opinion on work environments, Comerica Bank is using data to learn what is best for their people and company. 

We’re truly lucky to call these organizations our customers. It has been a pleasure to see the work that our customers have been doing alongside Visier. We can’t wait to see what amazing feats they, and so many other customers, will achieve next year and beyond! 

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