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People Cloud

Behind every great brand, product, or idea is a human truth. Visier is the People Cloud that reveals the fundamental questions and actionable truths to elevate your employees—and your business—to new heights.

Disparate people and business data sources
Data orchestration
Outcome-focused insights for everyone

Will I have enough headcount to meet our revenue or production goals next quarter?

How could exits impact our ability to achieve our goals next quarter?

Where is productivity decreasing due to workload, stress, and burnout?

What is the People Cloud?

The third wave of people analytics is here: it’s called the People Cloud. Visier is reinventing what’s possible when business data and people data are combined, unified, and shared alongside comparative benchmarks.

Visier, the global leader in people analytics, is redefining the category in a way that brings together data about work, workforce, and workplace so leaders can see both the impact employees have on the business, and the impact the business has on the employee.

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One of the hottest trends in the market is being able to join up people data with important data such as financial data, productivity data, customer satisfaction data, and operational data.

Marc Solow | Human Capital Analytics & Insights Solutions Practice Leader

Discover the value of Visier


Makes people analytics simple

For over a decade Visier has helped the leading enterprise organizations eliminate thousands of hours of data work, scale people insights fast, and save untold millions of dollars.

Data management

Preparing data in the format needed for analyses is the most time consuming step of the people analytics process. Visier connects directly to your source systems, preps your data for analysis, removes duplicates, fills in the missing values, and creates a time-based view of the entire employee lifecycle.

By increasing the consistency of our tools and processes across the enterprise, we create the space for the business to be different where it matters.

McKesson's Vice President of Workforce Planning and Analytics


Connects business outcomes to people

Elevate your performance using contextually-relevant insights for the moments that matter to the employee and the business.

Q: Do we need growth across the board or only in select areas?
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Decision: Build accurate plans for staffing needs

Q: What is the female representation in leadership roles?
HR business partner headshot

HR business partners

Decision: Focus on the right DEI areas

Q: Are we managing our workers responsibly?
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People analysts

Decision: Understand the employee journey

Q: Is my organization ready to perform at its best?
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Business leaders

Decision: Mitigate talent risk

Q: Will my team hit our production goals?
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People managers

Decision: Identify and retain top talent

Visier enables everyone to ask and answer questions themselves using data.

RJ Milnor | Global Head of People Analytics


Arms leaders with the insights to lead

Enable your leaders to act by putting answers at their fingertips with context and best practice explanations.

What’s happening?

  • Prebuilt content
  • Question-led data stories
  • Diverse subjects

Why is this happening?

  • Guided insights
  • Data exploration capabilities
  • Root-cause analysis

What will happen?

  • Personalized and automated AI
  • Predictive analysis
  • What-if analysis

What actions should be taken?

  • Guided workflows
  • Comparative benchmarks
  • Add, extend & scale

Unlock your superhero leadership potential

HR Super Leaders

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