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Reimagining the Future of Work: Visier’s Q4

At Visier, we’ve spent the last quarter reimagining when, where, and how work gets done. The short answer: It looks much different than it did two years ago—but you already knew that. The real question is, where do we go from here?

What we found is a world of opportunity for both employers and employees. Employees are experiencing record levels of burnout, leaving their jobs in search of something better, and are in need of better paid time off policies. As a result, companies have continued to search for ways to retain workers, adopt ways to attract new talent, and make their 2020 diversity goals a reality. 

As budding conversations on pay transparency and human capital reporting have already begun in the new year, it seems that support for both employees and the organizations that employ them is needed more than ever.

So where does Visier fit in amongst all of this? Continue on to learn about our work in the fourth quarter as we strive to help organizations help their employees for the future of work.

Read the full press release here. 

Company Achievements

  • Visier announced a record fiscal year, which included new customer acquisitions, revenue growth, customer retention, media and analyst coverage, an added three million employee records to our database, and strategic partnerships.
  • In Q4, Visier launched a new research and thought leadership series with Deloitte, “Toward a People-Powered Future,” where we explore the new requirements for leadership at work. You can register now for the webinar, Success Stories: Building the Foundation of a People-Powered Organization, to learn how to distribute people data to people managers for improved decision making. 
  • Visier announced new partnerships with leading organizations such as PeopleFluent, Cegid, Degreed, and UKG
  • Visier launched two new product innovations available to all Visier customers: Standardized Occupations and the Visier Certified Developer Program. Standardized Occupations utilizes AI and the Emsi BurningGlass jobs structure to match an organization’s job names to a standardized list of job names and hierarchies.Customer Updates

Customer Updates

  • We reached a customer milestone of 15,000 global customers through a combination of Visier’s enterprise people analytics offering (Visier People) and Visier’s embedded partnership agreements.
  • Providence shared how they used people insights to prove whether increasing pay could actually save their organization money. Find out if their hypothesis was right. 

Research Momentum

This past quarter has proven that leaders can make impactful decisions for their businesses when they have people insights in their hands. But what’s great about people analytics is that they’re even more powerful when distributed. 

Cheers to Q1! 

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