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The Top Read People Analytics Content of 2022

Catch up on the must read articles, research, and podcasts that are guiding the evolution of HR, people analytics, and the workplace in 2022 and beyond.

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A lot has happened in the world of work this past year: We watched resignation rates remain high, new pay transparency laws went into effect, mass layoffs tore through tech, businesses scrambled to create efficient return to office plans, employees are still feeling burnt out, and oh yeah, there was that whole trend around quiet quitting

As each of these challenges arose, it became more clear that companies are struggling to make the right decisions about their people. And we don’t blame them—it was like a game of whack a mole trying to solve for one problem as another popped up elsewhere. 

Visier’s mission—to reveal the human truth with people data—is critical now more than ever. Gone are the days of gut-based decisions, there simply isn’t enough time to test whether assumptions are right or not. Despite the threat of a recession, job openings remain high, and employees aren’t going to wait long enough for organizations to figure it out. Businesses need insights about their workforce to make these decisions, and it’s up to HR leaders to bring them to the table. 

From new product features to original research and thought leadership, this past year Visier employees put their heads together to continue developing new ways to deliver on our promise. 

Here’s a roundup of the must read people analytics articles, research, and podcast episodes of 2022. 

Thought leadership that sparked conversation

This Outsmart Blog covered the topics that were making headlines and impacting HR professionals. Here are some of our favorites: 

How to Prepare for a Recession and Still Avoid Layoffs

Preparing for a recession? Many businesses rush into layoffs which cost them big later. This article outlines a smarter way.

New Manager Effectiveness Research Shows They Are More Stressed Than a Year Ago

Results from our most recent manager effectiveness survey show people leaders are more stressed than a year ago, and need more support. Learn more about the top five reasons managers are stressed out.

Salary Transparency is More Complex Than You Thought—Here’s Why

There are many positive benefits of salary transparency, along with some complexities that companies and HR leaders need to be aware of. Here's a breakdown.

Honorable mentions: Four Things We Learned About the Resignation Wave–and What to Do Next, Top 25 HR Leaders to Watch in 2023, and When It Comes to Hybrid Work, Employers Must Trust But Verify.

A new podcast featuring today’s workforce experts

We launched a podcast! The Human Truth podcast takes a closer look at popular workforce statistics ripped from the headlines and asks: Where’d it come from? Is it true? And why should we care? In each episode, host Ian Cook is joined by an industry expert to get to the bottom line. 

Listen to the most popular episodes: 

How should you manage generational differences in the workplace?

Gen Z, Gen X, Millennial, Baby Boomer — only 10% of businesses are ready to manage a multigenerational workforce. We chatted with Giselle Kovary, Head of Learning & Enablement at Optimus SBR and a generations-at-work expert, to discuss the generational differences at work and why it’s important that businesses address this challenge.

Is it really true that no one wants to work?

In our first episode of the Human Truth podcast, we're pushing back on the widely-floated idea that “no one wants to work” as a cause of the Great Resignation and discussing in light of a seemingly contradictory statistic cited in a recent article in The Atlantic that 84% of workers report that they’re either satisfied or very satisfied with work

Dos and Don’ts of Employee Productivity Tracking

In this episode, we discuss the rising trend of employee monitoring and the right way to roll out productivity tracking technology with Dr. Roshni Raveendhran, assistant professor of business administration in the Leadership and Organizational Behavior area at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business.

Resources to guide people decisions

Workplace Trends 2023: Brace for Mutual Impact

Visier’s annual Workplace Trends report covers emerging HR trends in the workplace for 2023, and explores the top ten ways that people-centric businesses and their employees will impact each other. 

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with People Analytics

People analytics give you the information and insights you need to make data-driven decisions that impact your organization’s most important areas: your people and your bottom line. We've created the ultimate guide to using people analytics to answer your most important people questions.

10 HR Metrics Every Company Should Track

There is a core set of workforce metrics that every company should track, including Headcount, Turnover, Diversity, Compensation, and six more. In this guide, we’ve outlined ten categories of basic HR metrics to know—plus, five bonus metrics for building a more advanced people analytics practice.

More fan favorites: How to Recession Proof Your Business, The Last Mile Problem: Getting People Managers to Make Better Talent Decisions, and The CEO Blindspot: What Employees Need From Their Employers.

Cutting-edge research on top workforce challenges

Visier’s research team was busy following the latest workforce trends, publishing several key research reports that uncovered new insights: 

Visier Insights™ Report: Turnover Contagion Is Real

Many of us have witnessed it, some may have been part of it: As soon as a colleague puts in their resignation at work, their peers start questioning their own career trajectories, exploring other opportunities outside of their organization until they leave their company for the next gig.

The goal of this study: To test if turnover contagion is a real phenomenon that can be detected and better understood in its nature, effect size, and time frame. Read the findings.

What Gen Z Workers Really Want

This youngest generation in the workforce is more racially and ethnically diverse than previous generations. They’re on track to be the best-educated generation yet, and they’ve arguably been more impacted by the pandemic than their older colleagues.

This report surveyed 1000 employees between the ages of 18 and 24 to find out what Gen Z really want from work and their future careers—and what employers can do to keep this young cohort engaged.

Sharing People Data Outside HR to Drive Business Value

This Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report details the transformational power people analytics has on organizations, and how more advanced people analytics teams will have greater impact on business outcomes.

The report explores the need to put data and insights in the hands of people managers throughout the organization to help them think strategically and to drive business impact beyond HR.

More of the latest research: Pay Transparency: Should Salary Be a Secret?, The Future of People Management, Building Value Together: Achieving Business Goals with People Analytics, and Visier Insights™ Report: The Great Rehire.

Success stories from our amazing customers 

This year (and every year) we're inspired by our customers and the work they’re doing to create better workspaces. Learn about the innovative and amazing ways they’re using Visier to make an impact at their organizations and in the field: 

Outsmart goes local

We hit the road this year to host and attend some amazing industry events. In May, we hosted our yearly Outsmart conference, where we brought together experts for a massive two-day event to discuss the latest trends, issues, and innovations around people analytics. 

We headed to Las Vegas for HR Tech, where we featured some of our favorite customers, traveled to Paris for Unleash, and made it to New Orleans for SHRM to present on pressing workforce issues. 

And in the fall, we hosted our first Outsmart Local events in San Francisco and New York to bring together top HR and People Analytics leaders for a day of inspiration. 

Get your tickets for Outsmart 2023 now!

Back together again 

We’ve experienced a lot of exciting company growth this year, both in terms of headcount and product innovation. We expanded our global footprint by hiring Terrance Yong to head our APAC expansion, and Ian McVey joined as the General Manager of EMEA

We introduced Alpine by Visier, the first innovation platform that makes it easy to compose, enrich, and scale powerful applications for better decisions. In May, we announced the asset acquisition of, now formally known as Workplace Dynamics, and in November we announced the acquisition of Boostrs to double down on skills intelligence. And, we created Visier Labs, a space to share some of the experiments we have underway. 

We also had a lot to celebrate. After years of not being able to see each other face to face, we were back together again for All Hands in Vancouver in August. Our Embedded Analytics business celebrated five years of business, and we hit a milestone of 25,000 customers! 

This past year has taught us a lot, and we’re so grateful for our employees, customers, and partners who were with us every step of the way. Here’s to 2023—may it be filled with even more people insights!

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