Sharing People Data Outside HR to Drive Business Value

Research Report From Harvard Business Review Analytic Services

"Many organizations spent the last decade putting the customer at the center of their activities. But the workplace disruptions caused by the pandemic brought another, largely underutilized business lever into focus: the workforce. While appreciation of employees has long been a fixture in mission statements, many organizations have lacked real insight into what employees truly value beyond the occasional survey or exit interview.

That’s where people data comes in.

This Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report details the transformational power people analytics has on organizations, and how more advanced people analytics teams will have greater impact on business’s outcomes. The report explores the need to put data and insights in the hands of people managers throughout the organization to help them think strategically and to drive business impact beyond HR. It investigates the role people analytics plays in helping people managers make better decisions and be better leaders, describes the obstacles organizations face in adopting a people analytics approach, and includes best practices for adopting people analytics successfully across the organization."

What you’ll learn:

  • How organizations are leveraging people analytics outside of HR
  • How to create a people data-driven culture across the organization
  • How to increase people analytics maturity to have a greater impact