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Visier Announces Asset Acquisition of Yva.ai, Extending Visier’s People Cloud with Deep Work and Team Insights

Vancouver, BC |

Visier, the globally recognized leader in people analytics and on-demand answers for people-powered business, today announced that it has acquired the assets of Yva.ai, a leading collaboration analytics vendor that shines light on employee well-being, satisfaction and productivity using AI and an innovative combination of deep collaboration analytics and peer polling for a rich understanding of employees, teams, and their work environments. 

The announcement was made at Outsmart, Visier’s annual customer conference, which brings together thought leaders and practitioners driving today’s people-powered business transformations.   

“We believe that the most successful companies of the next 25 years will be those that understand their employees and use this knowledge most effectively and responsibly,” said Ryan Wong, co-founder and CEO of Visier. “This acquisition reflects our goal of helping companies to deeply understand the human truths–and the hidden truths–within their organizations by shining light on how people work and how people work together.”

Who is Yva.ai?

Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Yva.ai provides an innovative approach to collaboration analytics combining data that is sourced from corporate tools, such as Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Slack, and other collaboration tools, and enhances it with weekly sourced peer-to-peer feedback. In this manner, data that is automatically collected from systems is overlaid with insights from individuals, and together provide deeper insight into work, well-being and provide a rich understanding of the hidden truths inside an organization, including:

  • Where are the urgent burnout risks?

  • Which teams work best together?

  • What is the impact of hybrid and remote work?

  • Which people have a disproportionate impact on performance and culture?

“Yva.ai was founded on the principle that understanding how people work and how people work together are essential to building a high performance culture that delivers both great results and a great employee experience,” said David Yang, CEO of Yva.ai. “Visier has a strong belief in this very same principle, an unmatched people analytics product as a foundation, and a broader people cloud vision that makes these companies a perfect match.” 

Toward a more complete human truth

In business today, understanding the employee is as important as understanding the customer. Visier calls this employee understanding “the human truth.” The resignation wave, a shrinking global workforce, and the impacts of the pandemic and hybrid work environments have put extraordinary pressure on companies to better understand their workforce. 

This starts with a 360 degree view of:

  • What they do

    –with insight into the employee journey, and how effectively employees work, and the impact they have on goals, KPIs and business results; 

  • How they feel

    –through a continuous pulse of feedback data from multiple sources; 

  • How they work together

    –by understanding team dynamics, informal leadership structures, and networks of trust and expertise.

Which provides  insights and guidance at every level of the organization: 

  • For leaders

    --who are able to make better decisions for the business and the employee, and get insight into how teams work together, make decisions, and get results.

  • For HR

    --to identify gaps, risks and opportunities in the overall workforce.

  • For individuals

    --who are given comparative benchmarks and data-driven coaching for improving their own performance and guiding their professional growth.

With the addition of Yva.ai to its product portfolio, Visier becomes the most comprehensive platform available for understanding employees from every dimension–and the ability to use these insights to drive positive outcomes for the company, the manager, and for the employee. 

"We are thrilled with the addition of Yva.ai to the Visier portfolio of solutions and to welcome the new team who created it,” said John Schwarz, Visier’s Chairman and Co-founder. “Yva.ai's Collaboration Analysis adds a vital employee perspective to complete the full Visier picture of the human truth within an organization."

In addition to the acquisition of Yva.ai' technology assets, Visier hired over 30 Yva.ai engineers and data scientists, the majority of its global workforce.  

More details about the combined product vision can be found here.