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We’re always looking for opportunities to create new value and new insights. Some of these projects are too exciting to keep to ourselves, so we’ve created this space to share some of the experiments we have underway.


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Visier Analytics for Jira

from the Solution Lab

Visier Analytics for Jira helps R&D leaders understand how people factors are impacting their software development efforts. We connect people data with Jira project data.

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Visier Benchmarks

from the Data Lab

Compare your organization against thousands of others within a deep library of insights–at no cost. Explore resignation rates, diversity, the distribution of high performers, and much more.

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Visier Data Hub

from the Product Lab

Visier Data Hub is the ideal solution for People Analytics pros who want to use our rich analytical data model and benchmark dataset, but prefer to continue using their visualization tools of choice.


Internal Sourcing Visualization

from the Product Lab

Internal Sourcing Visualization is an innovative way for recruitment teams to visualize internal movement so they can uncover sourcing opportunities for challenging-to-fill roles.


Standardized Occupations

from the Data Lab

Visier has solved a persistent challenge for our customers: job title standardization. Our analytical model allows enterprises to establish a single common view of all jobs across their organization.


COVID Insights

from the Solution Lab

When COVID-19 hit, HR teams urgently needed visibility into how it would affect their workforces. Visier rapidly met that need and now offers comprehensive pandemic-related insights.


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All of the innovations on this page are employee-driven. From our Dev Demo Days to our innovation awards, Visier is a place where new ideas aren’t just welcome, they’re part of our culture.

If you’re the type of person who thrives in a creative atmosphere and you enjoy doing things that have never been done before, take a look at our open roles and consider joining our team.

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Visier publishes deep original research based on our unmatched access to more than 15 million aggregated and anonymized records from more than 15,000 organizations.

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