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Top 10 People Analytics Difference Makers to Look For

Whether you’re interested in employee experience, D&I, attracting and retaining top talent or employee career pathing–all these topics require fact-based information. Unfortunately, the ability for HR to gain meaningful answers has been getting worse. 

With the growth in volume and complexity of data, having agile visibility into and use of your people data is more critical than ever. Organizations have tried to solve this challenge by applying more technology to the situation, but they have failed to achieve success as the approach is fundamentally not aligned to the business strategy. 

With that in mind, here’s my top 10 list of what makes Visier unique for people analytics: 

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1. Purpose driven 

Visier provides curated analytical content and defined workflows which are designed from your most important people strategy questions. This ensures the information you’re looking at is already aligned to your business strategy so you’re not wasting precious time looking for data or ways to analyze it. Want to reduce the risk of gender bias or pay inequity? Visier has the pre-built questions and data flows already mapped out to guide your analysis and turn data into action. 

2. Subscribe to a collective intelligence

As the leader in people analytics, Visier has over 8 million employee records from working with hundreds of organizations across a variety of industries. Growing rapidly, these records are anonymized and available to all customers, enabling you to benchmark against trends within your industry such as age, gender, resignation rates, promotion, ethnicity, and more. Visier customers take advantage of this ever-growing pool of market trends: new data is continuously added to a common data model, which supports all customers, allowing for comparisons not possible in the past. 

3. Know you’re on track

Proven and battle tested over nine years of working with HR leaders, Visier has developed the analytical workflows and key metrics you need to know. Over 900 pre-defined metrics provide more than just a starting point. For example, what are the factors affecting your resignation rate? Compare high performers resignation rates to overall resignation rate and understand how many employees are predicted to leave in the next 12 months. Guided analysis like this ensure you stay on track and are informed of the outliers. 

4. An eye for BI

Visier was founded by BI & Analytics pioneers from organizations such as BusinessObjects and Crystal Decisions. These leaders have been working to solve challenging data and analytic problems for decades. One day, they decided enough is enough–that there must be a better way to deal with the limitations of current BI systems. Since then, their mission has been to boldly go where no analytics solution has gone before, and it’s a mission that has begun in harmony with leading experts in the HR domain. To HR and beyond! 

5. The complete people story

Visier delivers the complete view of the employee lifecycle, with solutions designed to work together across D&I, learning, talent acquisition, retention, compensation, and organizational effectiveness. Data exploration and storytelling capabilities allow users to craft and share their own analysis, as well as simulate what-if scenarios–no data science degree needed. This allows customers to start with the highest priority business challenges and define a solution that best fits their needs.   

6. It’s good to be loved

Visier bucks the industry trend of low BI maturity and adoption, which currently sits at less than 30%. Our customers love our people analytics and workforce planning solution–and it shows with incredibly high levels of customer satisfaction. Thanks to the work of our dedicated customer value team and our usage analyses, we get visibility into how customers use Visier, so we can continuously optimize performance and user experience. 

7. Easy and secure access

Usage rights and security across a variety of BI tools, data sources, spreadsheets, and extracts can be the horror of all horrors, not to mention it comes a huge data privacy and legal risk. Though making sure the right people have access to the right people data is not an easy problem to solve, we’ve figured out how to significantly mitigate these risks. Visier enables centralized user rights, administration, and security across an end-to-end data and analytics platform. 

8. Continuous value 

Like #2 on this list, a common cloud-based data and analytics platform provides continual advantages to customers–unlike standalone BI deployments. The more users and data in the system, the smarter it becomes as machine learning technology brings new data connections to light, helping the software better understand scenarios, like what factors will impact turnover and what impact employee movement will have on future plans. 

9. Actionable answers made fresh

As with any business domain, it’s critical you are looking at the right information. Visier’s technology brings together all the right data, cleans it, prepares it, and continually validates the quality. This ensures HR is seen as a trusted advisor and brings valued insight to every meeting. 

10. Flying in formation

Visier customers get where they need to go faster because they do it with an experienced team by their side. Together in formation, Visier’s partner ecosystem can accelerate your people strategy even further. Our partners can help you with an automated content framework that allows for rapid creation of new analytic workflows to tackle custom scenarios or data connectors that provide access to rich Visier data for further analysis within your existing BI landscape.

Wouldn’t you rather fly than run?

About the author: Ian Cook

Ian is an advocate for the crucial role that people play in helping companies thrive. His career has focused on enabling people, teams and companies to perform at their best. For the last 15 years Ian has been helping leaders elevate their HR strategies and programs through the effective use of people analytics. At Visier, Ian led the development of our market leading solution and is now focused on the overall strategy for the people analytics business.

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