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AI & ML in People Analytics

AI tools to help you navigate the complexity of people

Visier brings the transformative power of AI to people analytics without compromising on security. Let our AI tools help you serve deeper people insights to more people throughout your business.

Meet Vee, the generative AI digital assistant for people analytics

Vee combines the remarkable power of generative AI models with the robust security of Visier. The result is a natural language Q&A experience that can bring people insights to more people, faster, throughout your organization—even those who don’t speak analytics.

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Vee by Visier

Find the signal

Visier uses AI and machine learning to help you extract meaningful signals amidst all the noise of your data. We put these technologies to use to help you make clearer, more confident decisions—in dramatically less time.

AI & ML capabilities

Visier’s predictive models help you understand the way employees are likely to move in, out, and through your organization. With access to trustworthy ML-driven predictions about employee movement, you can make daily workforce decisions that add up to significant impact.

Likelihood of internal mobility

Our commitment to responsible AI

Our AI helps you cut through complexity and make sense of your data, but never at the expense of trustworthiness or accuracy. Our core principles for AI governance:


Our AI promotes fair, unbiased, and balanced viewpoints, and never projects confidence not supported by the data itself.


Visier always provides you with visibility into the factors that our AI considers when making a prediction or assertion.


Our AI is governed by our trusted security model and tailors its responses to the user’s access level.

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Explore our AI Articles
Explore our AI Articles

Visier’s team of data scientists and data engineers, along with industry experts and our partners, write about the many ways AI is evolving in the People Intelligence domain.

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Access our research
Access our research

Visier is always publishing new original research. Our research has appeared in publications like the New York Times, Forbes, and Harvard Business Review, and many more.

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