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Visier’s predictive analytics technology is up to 10x more accurate at predicting who will resign over the next three months than guesswork or intuition.

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Optimize how you manage your people and find new ways of retaining and growing talent to help your organization lead today — and tomorrow.

Employee Risk of Exit

Propensity for Promotion

Retirement Estimator

Career Journey Insight

Cohort Identification and Driver Analysis

Employee History Comparison

Drivers Chart

Correlation Visualization

Time Forecasting

Employee Risk of Exit

Know when an employee might leave to get ahead of the problem and focus efforts to retain your most valued employees. Visier analyzes data from a wide range of sources–such as payroll, HCM, ATS, plus 24 months of your employees’ history–to calculate when an employee is most likely to resign.

Employee Risk of Exit

Know when an employee might leave to get ahead of the problem and focus efforts to retain your most valued employees. Visier analyzes data from a wide range of sources–such as payroll, HCM, ATS, plus 24 months of your employees’ history–to calculate when an employee is most likely to resign.

Insights & Research

Visier utilizes the power of hundreds of millions of anonymized data points to produce workforce research like no one else. We partner with top universities and research firms to present data-driven insights on the current trends as well as the future of business planning.

Data Science Beyond the Individual Enterprise

Visier manages over 12 million employee histories plus company records from recruiting, training experiences, and more.

This data collection supports many of Al products as well as being available for research.

Visier Community Predictions

Generated from our much broader, standardized data set, these analyses improve the accuracy of predictive analyses such as Risk of Exit, and Propensity for Promotion for all organizations—even those with a smaller employee sample size of their own to draw from.

Visier Community Career Journeys

With a bigger, multi-company data set, Visier provides you with broader career insights, extending beyond just the paths taken in your organization. You can better understand career paths to mentor and source employees.


People understand each other better when they’re speaking the same language. By establishing common terminology for job titles, skills, and other properties, Visier generates higher-quality insights for you and helps everyone in your organization act based on the same standardized data and lingo.

Industry Best Practices Taxonomies

For interested customers, Visier has the ability to augment your data’s existing job title entries with standardized titles. These entries are sourced from official occupational classification taxonomies including those produced by the United States federal government, and the United Nations.

Government Benchmarks

Compare your diversity progress against government-published benchmarks available in Visier. Derived from Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) data, you can easily rank your organization against the EEOC’s data on representation of women and minorities in different industries and geographical regions.

Visier Community Benchmarks

All Visier customers can leverage our benchmark library of over 12 million employee and company records. Updated every quarter, Visier Benchmarks is confidentially sourced and uses standard metrics, such as rate of resignation, that you can break down into highly specific, targeted analyses, such as by industry, region, or employee demographics, including ethnicity and age.

External Data

Visier consolidates many sources of information relevant to your workforce like unemployment rates. Our crisis management data for COVID-19 provides global coverage with specific insight for thousands of locations. Your continued response is informed by data on cases, deaths, and vaccinations.

Partner Data

Customers have the opportunity to incorporate in Visier People data they have purchased from our partners like labor market information and salary data. Our onboarding and matching technologies seamlessly surfaces this information next to your people data.

Leveraging Data Science for Improved Analytics Experiences

Visier provides a people analytics experience that leverages unique knowledge and clever science, providing the most insight to the widest number of decision makers at your company so they make better decisions, faster.


Analytic concepts promote efficiency, accuracy, and consistency. Set and name formulas that anyone using Visier at your company can leverage just by entering their chosen name. Concepts can also be altered globally, preventing the use of outdated and inaccurate copy-and-pasted formulas.

Open Platform

As part of running an open platform we encourage our customers to export and use their people data. Data scientists doing this get cleansed and canonical data to advance their proprietary data models, people analytics, and machine learning work. Results can be uploaded into Visier People for your colleagues to consume.

Visier AI Interface

Extend and amplify Visier’s analytic and machine learning capabilities to complement your existing data science tools. Data science teams can export data from Visier, analyze it with their own machine learning models, and import the results back into Visier People. This gives your teams instant access to clean, high-quality data and a secure platform for sharing their results.

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Visier is always publishing new research either generated in-house or working with our customers and academia. Our research has appeared in publications like the New York Times, Forbes, and Harvard Business Review.

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VIsier’s people analytics community draws together the vast brainpower of data scientists to solve the biggest challenges organizations are facing with their people. Submit a research proposal and begin working with Visier, our partners, and the anonymized and aggregated data collections uniquely available.

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