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Top HR Analytics Articles: Spring 2017 Edition

According to the Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2017 report, “People analytics, a discipline that started as a small technical group that analyzed engagement and retention, has now gone mainstream.” This year, the focus is on applying analytics beyond HR and leverage people data to drive better business outcomes, such as sales productivity, customer retention, and product innovation.  

For this roundup of top HR analytics articles for spring 2017, we looked for articles that provide guidance on how HR can prepare itself and the rest of the organization for using HR-driven business analytics.

People Analytics: Recalculating the Route 2017 Global Human Capital Trends

This article brings together some of the learnings from Deloitte’s fifth annual Global Human Capital Trends report and survey. The article highlights new ways data can drive business results, and outlines 8 steps to help develop a successful people analytics program.

The Rise of the People Strategy Platform

Business leaders are recognizing that people strategy drives business strategy. Yet HR organizations continue to focus on only achieving operational excellence in areas such as recruiting and attrition. In this article, learn why HR must move away from transactional systems and incorporate a people strategy platform that delivers strategic insights—enabling better people decisions and connecting workforce decisions to business outcomes.

86% of Executives Can’t Find Value in Analytics – Why not?

Executive support is imperative to succeeding with not only data and analytics, but also the organization-wide rollout of your analytics program. Tracey Smith, President of Numerical Insights, explains what — and who — it will take to instill confidence in skeptical leadership.

How to Prepare HR Business Partners for Analytics

“Data scientists get the glamour, but the success of your people analytics program depends on your HR business partners,” says David Creelman, a recognized thought leader in people analytics and management. In this article, Creelman explains why HRBPs are essential to enabling mainstream HR analytics, why they don’t need to be data experts to do the job, and how to coach them to support the business with data.

10 Reasons To Shift To A Data-Driven High Business Impact HR Model

In this article, Dr. John Sullivan discusses 10 ways a data-driven high business impact approach improves both people decisions and business results. Furthermore, Sullivan explains that this model is an effective way of getting workforce data shared and used by the rest of the business functions.

About the author: Karra Barron

Karra Barron is Visier's Sr. Content Marketing Manager and has over a decade of experience using storytelling to move people into action. At Visier, she is responsible for developing a wide range of thought leadership resources that educate and inspire business users to become data-driven leaders.

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