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The C Sheet January 14: Hospital Staff Shortages, High Reservation Wages, and a Resurgence of Retirees

This week in workforce news: hospital staffing shortages, rehiring retirees, and a new miniimum wage people are using to justify jobs.

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The C Sheet

1. This Hospital Competes with Walmart for Staff

As the number of COVID cases spike, hospitals are struggling to have enough staff. To meet the labor shortage, they’ve started offering higher salaries that have to compete with Walmart. Hospitals struggle to match Walmart pay as staff leave workforce due to Omicron (Fortune)

2. A New Minimum Wage  

LinkedIn’s chief economist shares the hiring trends companies can expect in 2022. What is the “reservation wage” and why should you care about it? Rising wages and other US hiring trends to expect in 2022 (Quartz at Work) 

3. Retirees Are Making a Comeback 

To combat the Great Resignation, companies are looking to rehire retirees who bring with them enthusiasm and stability. Here’s how to help them with their reentry: Welcoming Back Formerly-Retired Workers Can Help Remedy Your Labor Pains. Just Don’t Forget the Buddy System (Inc) 

4. Check On Your Grocery Cashier

After two years of working through the pandemic, frontline workers are exhausted. The challenges of staffing shortages and the inability to work from home have put extreme pressure on these employees, many of whom are considering leaving. The grocery cashier ringing you up is not OK (CNN)

5. New Protocols Cause Turbulence for Airlines 

Delta Air Lines and a flight attendants’ union are battling over the company’s new isolation policy after the C.D.C. issued new protocols. The updates have caused an outcry of confusion and concern from employees. Delta Air Lines and a union spar over isolation periods for sick workers. (The New York Times)

6. Support for Pregnant Employees 

Pregnancy discrimniation may be illegal, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. With lasting effects on mothers, here are five ways managers can and should support their pregnant workers: 5 Ways Managers Can Support Pregnant Employees (Harvard Business Review) 

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