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In addition to being a world-class people analytic application, Visier is also a rich platform that’s very much Open for Builders. Learn more and start a free trial now.

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 In addition to being a world-class people analytic application, Visier is also a rich platform that’s very much Open for Builders. Learn more and start a free trial now.

Fourteen years ago, Visier was founded on a simple premise: Building and scaling analytics is harder than it needs to be. A domain-specific analytic application, pre-built to answer the majority of questions a business wants to ask, and designed with security at its core, would radically reduce the cost and complexity of putting insights in the hands of people who need them most. 

It’s a premise that has served Visier well, allowing us to create a category-defining product with Visier People®, and a strong market share leadership position in people analytics. Our customers tell us they love Visier’s fast time to value and total cost of ownership that’s a fraction of what it takes to build and scale people analytics themselves. 

On the surface, because of these rich out-of-the-box capabilities, Visier might appear to force a build vs. buy tradeoff. But the reality is that no such tradeoff exists. In addition to being a world-class people analytic application, Visier is also a rich platform that’s very much Open for Builders

Many ways to build on Visier’s platform

Like many things, it’s a continuum: some companies choose to use Visier just the way it is; some want to modify and customize some small elements of the data model, metrics, or user experience; and still others want to blend various Visier capabilities—benchmark data or our purpose-built analytic model, for example—within their own custom or commercial solutions they’ve built. 

Customers like Providence, a large integrated health system, extended the Visier People data model to create a solution for optimizing compensation and retention strategies. This so-called “pay to stay” analysis allows them to find the equilibrium between retention goals and cost efficiency, recognizing that compensation adjustments significantly impact costs and, as a retention strategy, have a point of diminishing returns. Building this solution on Visier allows them to shape a compensation strategy that balances cost and employee retention goals.

They’ve continued to find ways to build on Visier to answer an entire long-tail of people-related questions.

"We’ve found Visier’s platform to be extremely flexible in meeting our unique requirements,” said Gary Russo, executive director of workforce intelligence for Providence Health. “We’ve used the formula dictionary to create our own calculations and metrics that are specific to our healthcare organization, such as Percent of <1 Day Offer Extensions, Time in Post Offer, and Unique Candidates Active in Period. This allows us to consistently execute our hiring strategies and measure outcomes across all hospitals.”

Other customers, like a large luxury retailer, built a custom solution on Visier to combine point of sale (POS) data with workforce data to understand specific employee impacts on store-level sales and profitability. This insight allows them to target rewards and incentives, and to identify opportunities for training and employee development to lift overall business performance across all employees and stores.

Another Visier customer, eBay, has practically built a cottage industry around people analytics experimentation, constantly putting in motion a test-and-learn cycle toward the goal of understanding the impacts people have on the business—and vice versa. They’re using Visier’s customization capabilities to onboard their budgeted headcount data by cost center to determine the delta between actuals and budget. Additionally, they’re able to obtain a forecast of upcoming headcount targets. Neal Meister, eBay’s director of people data solutions, says: “We now have a way to prototype new data within customized objects without having to build an entire business case with IT. Our team simply loads the data, configures a few attributes, previews it, and if everything looks good, we can deliver the insights the same day.”

We’ve also seen several technology companies combine developer data from Jira with their people data to better understand how to maximize the efficiency of their development teams. This helps those companies gain visibility into team capacity, improve resource planning, and understand the key drivers of developer productivity such as the impact of remote work, tenure, or compensation.

Partnering to build solutions

Visier has partnered with dozens of SaaS and solution partners that have embedded elements of Visier’s Alpine platform into their commercial offerings. Things like advanced analytics, benchmarking and data enrichment, and even generative AI create differentiation in their categories, help them reach new personas, drive product stickiness and customer retention, and unlock a new revenue flywheel with additional premium features they can sell.

Embedded partners like Paycor use Visier to power their advanced analytics, including using Visier’s risk of exit AI-driven prediction to help its customers stay ahead of retention risks. Paycor recently rolled out Visier’s Vee for Partners to power a generative AI-based digital assistant, making access to people insights even easier within their product by allowing over two million customers (!!) to ask and answer questions in natural language.

Additionally, systems integrators like Deloitte, have built global practices around Visier that include, but also go beyond, expected implementation and change management consulting services with targeted business solutions built on Visier, focusing on challenges like DEI. Deloitte’s Equity Smart Suite, for example, delivers insight into diversity beyond the workforce by bringing together and analyzing data that includes customers, suppliers, and the communities companies interact with.

Visier is committed to the builder community 

The reality is that more than 50,000 companies are using Visier today to answer important workforce questions in their business. Not every one of these companies is a direct customer of Visier’s. Achieving this sort of scale is a result of our deep commitment to a community of builders.

Today, Visier announced substantial investments in making it even easier for customers and partners to build on our platform. We announced this at Outsmart, our annual customer event being held this week in Scottsdale, Arizona. On stage, we’re hearing from customers and partners who are instrumental to this Open for Builders movement.

With Visier, you can have it both ways: An out-of-the-box people analytics application built for scale with disruptive time to value and total cost of ownership; AND a rich people data platform that lets you have it your way. There is no tradeoff decision to make. Whether you’re an enterprise end-user with a workforce to manage or a people- or work-tech vendor serving this community; and whether you want a pre-built solution now, or a platform to build, extend or enrich your solution, Visier most likely has what you’re looking for.  

See what you can do with Visier in your own secure sandbox. Click to start your free trial.

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