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Help Customers Win With Pre-Built Embedded Analytics Tools

Pre-built embedded analytics tools make analytics easy, actionable, and delightful from day one—the key to broad analytics adoption among your customers. Get the benefits of custom templates today, not years from now, with Visier Embedded Analytics.

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When adopted by a whole organization, people analytics make the difference between companies that lead their industries and those that simply follow. 

And the gap widens in turbulent times as organizations rapidly grow and shrink their workforces to respond to external challenges. Though rushing to cut costs through layoffs might save money in the short term, without careful consideration and real-time data, it can cost the company momentum and slow it down in the long run

Collecting and analyzing data is becoming a critical competitive advantage. Your customers intuitively know this—that’s why they expect to have easy-to-use analytics built into any enterprise solution they use. 

If you arm your customers with data they can use to weather any storm, you can grow your own product and make it indispensable. 

How to give your customers the analytics they need

Launching customer-facing analytics features is neither easy nor cheap. Depending on scope, you’re looking at spending one to two years and millions, if not tens of millions, on development. 

If you don’t have the time, budget, or a specialized team to build on your own, one of the most cost-effective solutions is to collaborate with an embedded analytics vendor on a product custom-tailored to your brand. You can then present data that is relevant to your customers in a clear and interactive way.

Not all embedded analytics platforms are the same. Most offer a one-size-fits-all approach that’s either too flexible—meaning customers have to configure everything on their own, or not flexible enough—offering the same dashboards, regardless of data.

The one-size-fits-all approach leads to a common issue with typical embedded analytics tools: user adoption. Customers don’t want to spend precious time and resources figuring out which data is valuable, how to source industry data, or how to run predictive analyses. They need it to be easy, actionable, and delightful from day one. 

This is where Visier Embedded Analytics shines. We understand which data should be put front and center and how to design analytics environments that actually get used with pre-built templates. 

Time and resources are limited—don’t allocate time towards starting from square one when you don’t have to. With a series of pre-built questions your customers should be asking of their data available out of the box, you can build a custom solution tailored specifically to them. 

What are pre-built analytics templates? A look at Guidebooks

The secret behind Visier Embedded Analytics is Guidebooks—flexible pre-built analytics templates that all your customers can use to analyze the data they want.

With pre-built templates, there is no need to go through complex analytics configurations—your customers can instantly get the answers to the most relevant questions. 

The hardest part of analytics is knowing where to look. By not having to think about both the insight and its preceding question, our pre-built content lets HR professionals focus on what matters most to them - taking action.

— Amogh Rao, Solutions Developer, Embedded Analytics

What’s more, you don’t need to spend time building out Guidebooks on your own. The Embedded Analytics team at Visier is here to help and put together pre-built templates that are tailored to the specifics of your data.

With Guidebooks, even your most non-technical customers can focus on what they do best and quickly make informed workforce decisions, instead of constantly asking their data analysts to come up with custom reports. 

And using Visier Embedded Analytics also gives your customers access to Visier People Benchmarks, so they can see how their company is performing compared to others in the industry.

How to Create Guidebooks for Your Customers

Building Guidebooks with Visier Embedded Analytics is a collaborative process. While Visier offers guidance and takes care of the development process, for Guidebooks to be successful with your customers, you need to take into account their needs and expectations. 

Start with user research

Analytics templates must answer the right questions at the right time. Even if you know your customers well, reach out to learn more. Ask your customers about the challenges they are facing right now. How would they like their company to change? Which trends present looming threats? 

Segment relevant data

With over 2,000 metrics that Visier tracks right out of the box, you want to make sure your customers don’t get lost in the sea of data. Start with metrics everyone wants to track —and add new ones for more specific analytics down the road.

Monitor Guidebook performance

Guidebooks leverage real-time data that helps make great decisions easier. Based on Guidebook data your customers can see which departments need more talent, who is up for promotion, is there overstaffing, how do they measure up according to their DEI policies, and more. 

However, overloading your customers with various Guidebooks will not make them more productive. That’s why we suggest monitoring which ones are actually getting accessed by customers and which ones prove to be less popular, and adjusting your default set of Guidebooks accordingly.

Make it quick to start 

The most common problem with any BI visualization software is adoption. Guidebooks allow you to set different homepages for different users, so they can get the most useful data in just a few clicks. 

“Pre-built content provides solutions to users with all levels of data sophistication” says Kate Zhu, Solution Developer at Visier. “From bite-size information to guided deep-dive analyses, it meets different personas' analytical needs by delivering insights that address unique use cases and pain points.”

Drive analytics adoption with Guidebooks

Pre-built analytics templates like Guidebooks make it easier for your customers to solve their people problems and ensure your product becomes a source of critical information they turn to again and again—all without years of development and millions of dollars of spending. 

Go to Visier Embedded Analytics to learn more.

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