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How Embedded Analytics Work: Embedding Visier into Your Product

When we say “embedded,” we really mean it. Learn how we fit Visier Embedded Analytics seamlessly into your product, bringing your customers powerful analytics.

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This is Part 1 of 5 of the Visier Embedded Analytics: How It Works series. Read Part 2 here.

Businesses of all sizes need a solution that empowers them to make quicker decisions about their workforce by leveraging deeper integrated insights. This is where embedded analytics comes in.

We built the Visier Embedded Analytics solution with simplicity in mind. Not in terms of what it’s capable of—but in how easily it integrates into your existing systems and how quickly it makes a positive business impact. While BI vendors will provide you a set of tools to build analytics yourself, the decision to build comes with a number of additional challenges and considerations. 

Visier has over 10 years experience in the people analytics space—we understand what questions and answers your customers need to know. The Visier Embedded solution gives your customers the answers they need without the overhead of building (and managing) your own analytics offering.

Our Embedded Analytics solution is a full-stack analytics platform that supports everything—from hosting, to the ETL process, to the analysis layers and access management. From there, you can monitor what matters most to your customers with usage metrics and design your offerings accordingly.

Visier Embedded Analytics fits into your existing solution easily. Here’s how: 

Seamless white labeling

When we say “embedded,” we really mean it. Our UI integration ensures the Visier solution is seamlessly integrated into your existing solution, so it still looks and feels like your offering. We match your product colors for a fully integrated experience and the Visier Embedded team tailors the content to fit your brand, user experience (UX), and your customers’ analytics maturity.

Here’s a good example of what the Visier Embedded Solution looks like when it’s part of a partner’s solution offering.

You maintain control of your user experience—we provide the APIs, single sign-on (SSO), and UI integration to embed the solution. This ensures your customer doesn’t need to leave your platform to use Visier Embedded Analytics.

Easy data integration

The Visier team supports you to manage all of the data integration. With the use of APIs, SFTP, and other mechanisms, our team configures data pipelines from your platform into Visier. 

Our expertise and platform capabilities ensure that once deployed, those pipelines are fully automated, secure, and monitored. Then you’re in the driver’s seat. Your data can be fed back into the solution where and when it’s most valuable to you and your customers. 

2000 business metrics to build from

Our content library covers the entire employee lifecycle with over 2000 business metrics, plus the supporting analytical model to get you started. Our team works with you to decide what is the most relevant to your own unique datasets, and how to incorporate analytics that will add the most value to your customers. 

Centralized or distributed analytics 

There are two different methods of embedding Visier into your product, designed to allow you to get the most out of the solution:

  1. Centralized

  • You can embed the full Visier application to offer analytics-focused workflows.

  • All Visier end-user capabilities are available within your product.

  1. Distributed

  • We can integrate only specific analyses into transactional workflows (a single analysis is a collection of visualizations and narratives that guide the user through a data story).

  • We integrate analyses that make sense in the context of your solution’s existing workflows. This means you don’t get the full application. Rather, you get a single analysis in a place where it already makes sense for your user.

In any case, our dedicated deployment team is with you every step of the way through integration: from SSO, to embedding, to mapping your data to our content library. Throughout this process, you’ll be supported by a team of Visier and analytics experts to bring the power of market leading embedded analytics to your customers.

Curious how Visier Embedded Analytics make it easier for product and engineering leaders to deliver analytics? Watch the on-demand demo here.

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