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Ian Cook has spent his 20+ year career building business success through people. He started and scaled three companies and a not-for-profit as well as consulted to a host of Fortune 100 companies. What distinguishes Cook and makes him sought-after as a speaker, adviser and executive leader is his ability to link the human side of business to the core drivers of operations and finance. His expertise is accessed daily by thousands of executives who are working to build business success through their people. Cook’s commentary has been featured in the Harvard Business Review, Economist, Business Insider, CNBC and more. Cook currently serves as the managing director of the People Intelligence Alliance and the vice president of research and strategy at Visier. He holds an M.A. from Edinburgh University (UK) and an MBA from Lancaster University (UK).

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Product & InnovationCultureTotal RewardsLeadershipFuture of WorkDEIBTalent AcquisitionTalent ManagementLearning and DevelopmentWorkforce PlanningResearchVisier News

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