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Strong business outcomes start with better people decisions

Bad hires, regrettable attrition, cost overruns, poor productivity–these are just a few workforce challenges that have a deep impact on business results. But tackling these requires a deeper understanding of your people.

People data is

When your data has “feelings,” it can be messy, constantly changing, and housed in many disparate systems–making it difficult to ask the right questions to get you to the answers you need.

Connecting your people to your business should be easy

For the business to thrive, HR must deliver a people strategy that answers critical questions about talent’s impact on revenue, customer satisfaction, and more. People analytics should be purpose-built to make this simple and fast to do.

Achieve significant business value from people analytics

People analytics empowers you to save time, minimize risks to the business, and reduce costs to help guide your future people strategy and continuously improve.
Technology value
When there are so many questions to answer, it’s vital to know which project will save the most time, minimize risk, and reduce cost.
HR value
It’s easier to prioritize when the most important questions to ask are given and the right data is at your fingertips.
Business value
Leave behind uncertainty with people analytics proven to help maximize business impact and continuously deliver value.

What should you use people analytics for?

People analytics helps HR leaders answer what keeps a workforce engaged and how this impacts the business–all without having to earn an advanced math degree.
Maximize your recruitment results with answers to improve time-to-fill, quality of hire, candidate diversity, and recruiter capacity.
Make data-driven decisions on training programs, leadership development, skills and reskilling–all with an eye on business impact.
Create a fact-based plan to tackle issues with turnover, seize on employee engagement opportunities, and impact business results.
Analyze career paths to uncover the lineage for leaders, and see how departments have evolved over time in order to better develop existing employees to meet future needs.
Go from reactive to proactive with advanced insights on compensation, network impact, succession, case management, and more.
Transform your planning process, optimize workforce costs, and eliminate surprises whether you’re planning for the short-term or the long game.
return on equity
when the average return on equity was 15.4% across all U.S. industry sectors.
revenue per employee
outperforming the average revenue of $650,797 of all U.S. organizations.
by retaining new hires, top performers, managers, and other key roles.
Visier allows us to easily demonstrate the credibility of our data, which has eliminated hours of back and forth about data reliability.
Andrew Gold, Pitney Bowes
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