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Talent retention

You have great people, now let’s keep them

Who’s succeeding? Who’s struggling? See where employees are moving and make better decisions to develop a happy, productive workforce.

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Visier People

Develop & retain your most valuable resource

Visier Talent

Visier Talent

Identify how talent impacts business results

Understand how all of the elements of the employee journey connect to create a happy, productive workforce. Insights into turnover, engagement, performance, and movement arm you with the knowledge to unlock the potential of your workforce.

Organizations that leverage people analytics outperform those that don’t. See how.

Reduce employee turnover

Reduce employee turnover

Knowing the real reasons behind employee attrition helps you pinpoint how to improve, see the impact of changes you’ve made, and see around corners for any potential future risk.

See how Pitney Bowes reduced turnover by 10% with Visier. See how.

Take informed movement actions

Take informed movement actions

Identify and strategically use the levers that drive employee and business performance, from talent allocation to making better compensation and promotion decisions. Reduce bias, reward fairly, and motivate the right employees with the right opportunities.

First West Credit Union saved $500k in recruitment costs while generating $2.5M in revenue. Learn how.


Saved in less employee turnover


Months average time to ROI


Increase in HR Team* efficiency


Increase in revenue per employee

A 360° view into your workforce

When you extend analytics beyond the core, you can explore the full experience and impact of employees as they apply, onboard, develop, and someday leave your organization. Talent retention is just the beginning.

People analytics

See a unified picture of your workforce data, and make better decisions, no matter how many employees or systems you have.

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People analytics

“By the time we would have had something almost comparable with Visier up and running, we would have been outdated. Investing in a best-of-breed talent analytics solution will help us move quicker and deliver best practices.”


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