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Introducing the Visier Path, a Proven Route to Business Impact

The Visier Path shows how to succeed in your people analytics journey based on what's worked for thousands of other organizations. See the path here.

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the Visier Path is a proven route to people analytics success

The Visier Path is the framework we use to guide our customers to solve the people challenges they care about most. It’s a distillation of our deep people analytics expertise spanning thousands of successful deployments over a decade. 

Here, VP of People Analytics, Ian Cook, explains what the Visier Path is, how it can help you, and why we’re sharing this “uniquely Visier” concept with the world. 

Pioneering in people analytics

Traveling through the Rockies on North America's West Coast is a stunning journey. The land is vast and varied. Driving through high peaks and dense forests, one cannot help but ponder the fates and fortunes of the pioneers who first attempted to travel from east to west. 

Their journey, likely slow and difficult, laid the foundation for current-day road journeys. We cruise effortlessly along a smooth, well-engineered, and clearly marked highway. Following the path created by others, we can be certain of a speedy trip to our destination.

People analytics was once a new concept that had to be pioneered. Back in the late 90’s, academic institutions started to pursue the work that we now call people analytics. They saw the promise of studying the “digital records” of employees to look for trends that could benefit the whole organization. 

Flash forward to today: people analytics is now a well-established discipline, with commonly accepted approaches and a detailed understanding of how to build a successful practice

Visier played a pioneering role in making this happen. We were the first purpose-built analytics platform for people data, and we’ve supported thousands of organizations as they founded and scaled their PA teams. As an organization, we’ve gathered a lot of knowledge about how to get from A to B in people analytics. Now, our goal is to smooth and speed the people analytics journey for you.

Introducing the Visier Path

When you choose Visier, you get access to a vast amount of knowledge not available anywhere else. The Visier Path distills the wisdom from over a decade of experience into one straightforward “map” that’s accessible to HR and business leaders alike. 

Consider The Visier Path a guide that outlines exactly which people analytics activities and HR business practices are required to achieve a CHRO’s key strategic priorities. 

visier path video

Guiding you toward the right business impact

How, exactly, does the Visier Path help meet a CHRO’s objectives? It’s all about linking data and action. 

Too often, people analytics is dressed up in confusing language and seen as either an esoteric internal research project or an IT project focused on wrangling data. We believe people analytics teams should model their work in the same way as FP&A teams support the CFO. That is to say: they must provide ongoing information about the performance and behavior of the workforce so that leaders can make the decisions that will have the right impact. 

The Visier Path breaks down the steps needed for an organization to move from raw data to the right analysis, to tangible action that supports a business goal. The quality of that linkage—from data through to impact—is what separates the best people analytics teams from the rest.

Every organization’s journey is different

Every organization has different goals and strategies. That’s why we designed the Visier Path to be completely flexible depending on what’s important to you. While every company will start with the fundamentals (shown in yellow), the rest of your journey along the Path is completely bespoke. 

The Visier Path, your proven route to people analytics success. Click to enlarge.

The Visier Path is arranged from left to right in order of increasing level of impact on the business. The Foundational Impact zone is about aligning on a single place where HR leaders, HRBPs, and managers can answer their people questions. The Drive HR Impact zone helps you target specific HR jobs to be done that are likely to be part of the CHRO’s agenda. Finally, the Drive Business Impact zone focuses on org-wide challenges that will directly affect the business’s financial performance.

The proven approach

The Visier Path is the proven, low-risk way to start your people analytics journey. It’s also the clear and effective way to evolve your practice as your capability increases and so does the demand for people analytics within your organization. The path takes the uncertainty out of buying, deploying, and scaling a people analytics solution, and ensures that your investment has measurable business impact

We hope you find our guide valuable and accessible. If you would like to understand more about The Visier Path, the collective wisdom it embodies, the practices that it supports, or the impact it can have on your business, please don’t hesitate to reach out—we'd love to hear from you. 

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