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What Is a Technical Skill?

Technical skills are the specific abilities and proficiencies required to perform tasks for a particular job or role. Learn more here.

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A technical skill is a specific ability or proficiency required to perform tasks related to a particular job or role. Technical skills will typically involve using specialized tools, software, or equipment to accomplish specific tasks or objectives.

Technical skill vs. hard skill  

Technical skills can be considered as a subset of hard skills, which encompass a broader range of abilities that are job-related and measurable. For example, project management might be a required hard skill; a technical skill might be expertise in using specific project management software like Microsoft Project. 

Why are technical skills important?

Technical skills directly contribute to an employee’s ability to perform their job effectively and efficiently, ensuring that tasks are completed accurately, and on time. 

Employers in industries like information technology, engineering, healthcare, and manufacturing have specific technical skill requirements that are essential to their business operations. 

For employees, possessing strong technical skills can lead to better jobs, promotions, and opportunities for career growth.  

What are the most important technical skills?

While the most important technical skills will vary depending on the industry and nature of the job, there are some technical skills that are currently in high demand:

  • Data analysis: Proficiency in data manipulation, statistical analysis, and proficiency with various data analysis software tools and programs

  • Web development: Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other frameworks

  • Cloud computing: Familiarity with platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWD), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud

  • Cybersecurity: Understanding network security, encryption, and vulnerability assessment

  • AI and machine learning: Competence in algorithms, machine learning frameworks, and data modeling

When hiring, employers want to ensure that job applicants have the necessary technical skills to perform the job well.

How do employers assess technical skills?

While an employee’s resume and job applicant will indicate the technical skills they have, employers will also want to use other methods of assessment to verify those skills and the candidate’s ability to do the job, including: 

  • Technical tests or assessments

  • Work samples or portfolios

  • Certifications

  • Credentials

Technology can also be used to assess technical skills through coding challenges, quizzes, or simulated environments. 

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