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How Embedded Analytics Help Payroll Companies Stay Innovative

Embedded people analytics helps your customers make payroll decisions that are grounded in data. Find out how.

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70% of companies cite people analytics as a top priority, and many are already mining their HR data to optimize business processes. Why? Because data analytics is becoming a critical competitive advantage, not just a “nice to have.”

People analytics is a top priority for every CHRO. Companies know that they’re losing employees to competitors, internal costs are increasing, and ensuring top talent is hired is more important than ever. 

The good news is that payroll is the most data-driven function relating to employee information, rich with insights just waiting to be uncovered. It’s truly a goldmine of data. Making the link between payroll data and people analytics allows companies to uncover the areas where they can improve ROI, turnover, training, overtime costs, and even identify and close gender pay gaps. 

Visier makes payroll analysis simple, using sophisticated AI-driven tools that transform data into accessible, actionable insights. With Visier, payroll companies empower their customers to take their data to the next level—optimizing overtime costs, gaining insights into budgets and actuals, and understanding the “why” behind varying compensation costs.

With Visier Embedded Analytics, payroll providers can bring advanced analytics capabilities within their customers’ reach. 

How does Visier improve payroll management?

Visier makes people analytics an integral part of your payroll solution, giving HR departments the visibility, insights, and predictions they need to optimize their business to drive growth.

By connecting your payroll solution to best-in-class machine learning and analytics, Visier transforms your customers’ payroll data into hundreds of pre-built visualizations, questions, and answers. That means departments can more easily handle complex tasks, such as tracking overtime or looking at the cost of employees by compensation type—like base pay, variable, and actual benefits costs.

People analytics means making payroll decisions
that are grounded in data.

By bringing people analytics into your payroll solution, you help your customers confidently answer strategic questions, such as:

  • How much does our workforce cost us? Has it increased or decreased? Why?

  • How much are overtime costs impacting the business? Which area of the business has the most overtime costs? What demographic of employees has the most overtime costs?

  • Is the change in cost of our workforce the result of an increase in FTE cost or is this just growth?

  • How does the cost of benefits differ between locations, departments, and worker demographics?

  • How is the actual cost of compensation distributed across our organization?

Why Paycor chose Visier to provide their customers with deeper business insights

Paycor’s customers needed powerful insights to answer important questions about their workforce, but didn’t always have the support, resources, and budget needed to make sense of workforce data. By partnering with Visier, Paycor helps leaders gain a deeper understanding of their business and anticipate future needs with high-impact, easy-to-consume, and real-time data insights into key areas like turnover, diversity and inclusion, and labor costs.

“Visier allows us to bring enterprise-class infrastructure to Paycor Analytics and provides a robust solution that enables data insights tailored to HR, benchmarking, predictive analytics and more, exceeding any other solution on the market,” said Ryan Bergstrom, Chief Product Officer at Paycor.

Why should payroll providers partner with Visier for embedded analytics?

Gain a revenue-generating competitive advantage

Expand your top-line growth opportunities and offer your customers more value with flexible commercial models that leverage the power of your data. Visier Embedded Analytics moves your company forward by satisfying your customers and ensuring your solution stands out from the competition.

Bring people analytics to your customers as quickly as possible

Go to market fast and fully equipped with Visier. Our enablement team ensures your sales force and customer success organization have the knowledge they need to help your customers access the power of people data. From SKO training to marketing, it’s our mission to ensure your organization can be the people analytics experts your customers need.

Empower your customers

When you combine your payroll expertise with the power of people analytics, you empower customers to make data-informed decisions. Your customers already want analytics to guide their decisions—and Visier Embedded Analytics makes that possible for companies of all sizes.

Get support and expertise at every step

Our dedicated team of experts has done this before, and they’re here to guide you through the integration process. We’re here to support you on everything from technical onboarding to solution management, security and governance, and more so you can make sure you’re getting the most out of Visier.

Want to learn more about Visier Embedded Analytics? Visit www.visier.com/embedded.

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