Challenge: Paycor’s customers need insights to answer important questions about their workforce, but lack the support, resources, and budget to make sense of workforce data.

Solution: By partnering with Visier for embedded analytics, Paycor helps leaders gain a deeper understanding of their business and anticipate future needs with high-impact insights into key areas like turnover, D&I, and labor costs.

“Visier allows us to bring enterprise-class infrastructure to Paycor Analytics and provides a robust solution that enables data insights tailored to HR, benchmarking, predictive analytics and more, exceeding any other solution on the market.”

— Ryan Bergstrom, Chief Product Officer at Paycor

Paycor empowers leaders to modernize every aspect of people management so they can focus on what really matters: building winning teams. Over 28,000 organizations representing over 40,000 businesses trust Paycor to help them solve problems and achieve their goals. They’re known for delivering modern, intuitive recruiting, HR, and payroll solutions.

Paycor knew that people analytics was vital to their customers, not just a “nice to have.” They needed a solution that would offer powerful insights to their customers, and position HR as irreplaceable parts of the business. By partnering with Visier for embedded analytics, their customers can transform complex workforce data into powerful visualizations and gain better insight into their organizations.

Empowering Paycor customers with powerful insights

In a time when people management is more challenging than ever, Paycor wanted to equip customers with insights to bring visibility and improvement to their HR practices. Today’s world brings no shortage of challenges for HR: the labor market is tight, turnover is shattering records, millennials are job-hopping at an alarming rate, and voluntary resignations are at an all-time high. By integrating Visier into Paycor’s solution, business leaders can uncover insights into what factors are causing changes, and improve their recruitment, hiring, and HR practices.

With Visier Embedded Analytics, Paycor’s customers drive more methodical decision-making throughout the organization. Now, HR leaders can spot gaps in their hiring and retention practices that impact employee turnover, while business leaders are empowered to spot trends, make informed predictions, and set reliable benchmarks.

Enhancing the Paycor product to win more customers

With Visier, the Paycor team is winning more deals, driving new leads to exceed their business goals and revenue targets, and differentiating their solution in the market.

Analytics is core to each of Paycor’s business offerings, within their HR, Payroll, and Time product bundles. By embedding Visier, not only does Paycor enhance each of their product bundles, they also drive traction for additional product upsell since added data integrations provide more insights for customers.

“Visier is committed to Paycor’s success and we have seen outstanding support from the entire team. Visier’s subject matter experts are always willing to speak on Paycor webinars and discuss the importance of HR analytics. We appreciate the collaboration and are excited to grow our partnership.”

— Ryan Bergstrom, Chief Product Officer at Paycor

Continuous support from the Visier team

While Visier Embedded Analytics has been a big contributor for Paycor in closing deals with customers and prospects, Paycor’s internal teams initially experienced a learning curve with the addition of Visier’s analytics. At first there were some concerns about how to highlight the benefits of the product due to its robust capabilities. Visier stepped in and provided additional training and education, giving Paycor’s salesforce the confidence to demo the solution and speak to its value. Visier helped by first training a small group who became subject matter experts. From there, they were able to successfully roll out the product to the rest of the organization.

Additionally, Visier helped create in-app resources to reinforce the benefits and ease of use of Paycor Analytics by creating a “Getting Started” guidebook. This helped customers to understand the benefits of the tool and create confident users.

“Paycor sought a partner committed to ensuring secure and accurate data for our customers. We felt confident that Visier could help us meet (and exceed) these goals.”

— Ryan Bergstrom, Chief Product Officer at Paycor

HR software built for leaders

Paycor felt they had room for improvement providing the critical analytics they needed for their customers to solve important business problems. They wanted to empower their customers to come to the table with hard numbers and actionable information that they could confidently use in strategic discussions with the C-suite.

“HR leaders need data more than ever to position themselves as irreplaceable parts of the business, and Visier delivers. There’s a misconception that you need to be a data scientist to use analytics tools. That’s not the case with Visier.”

— Ryan Bergstrom, Chief Product Officer at Paycor

With Visier Embedded Analytics, Paycor now has customizable data visualizations that are easy to consume as part of an exceptional user experience. HR leaders can bring data into all of their decision making, leading to better people strategy, and more buy-in from other leaders in the company.