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What Is Visier Business Solutions?

What Is Visier Business Solutions?

Visier Business Solutions connects business data and people data, giving you the exact insights you need to solve your toughest business challenges. Learn more about what you can build here.

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In the era of rapid digital transformation and dynamic labor markets, organizations are continuously seeking to understand how dynamic shifts impact the business. In order to respond quickly and strategically, business leaders need insight into the myriad ways their organizations—and their people—are impacted. 

The challenge: combining people data with business data isn’t always straightforward. People data is difficult to obtain, manage, and store. Compounding this problem, building scalable and manageable analytics is infinitely more challenging. 

People data on its own is quite valuable. People analytics provide rich insights on employee traits and their relationship to behavioral drivers. Imagine if you could combine people data with business data and apply analytical insights to a core business problem, like understanding the impact of your return to office strategy, or how skills gaps are changing in the face of new technologies.

Enter Visier® Business Solutions (VBS), empowering organizations to gain a 360° view of their data, analyzing both the business and people perspective. So, what exactly is Visier Business Solutions? Let’s dive in!

Visier Business Solutions: Bridging the gap between people and business data

The expert VBS team offers custom solutions that integrate business data and people data. VBS leverages the full functionality of Visier People® and the analytic capabilities and data assets of Visier’s Alpine Platform. Our goal: optimize the impact that people have on business outcomes. 

If you’re an existing Visier customer, leverage our team to extend your current Visier modules to include custom metrics, subjects, and analyses. We also work with consulting partners to provide them with repeatable analytic solutions that help to elevate their client engagements and accelerate their speed to value. 

The value of Visier Business Solutions

VBS brings many valuable benefits to a variety of key user groups. Organizational leaders get a business lens on the necessary people data and insights to drive productivity and effectiveness for your organization. For HR leaders, this means cost-effective and efficient deployment of custom metrics to expand your existing Visier platform's capabilities. For consulting partners and system integrators, drive speed to value in your client engagements by leveraging data-driven people-focused insights.

Key benefits of using Visier Business Solutions

  • Flexible custom solutions: Get the specific insights you need with pre-built analytics designed for your unique business needs.  

  • Time and cost savings: Leverage existing infrastructure and services and eliminate the extensive time and resources required to develop and maintain them in-house.

  • Enterprise-grade security and reliability: Visier Business Solutions leverages Alpine by Visier’s robust and reliable security model, which is designed to handle the intricacies of people data with enterprise-grade security, privacy, and user access. 

Organizations can use Visier Business Solutions to combine people data with multiple types of business data including business and HR operations data, business process data, and business results data. Here are a few examples of what you can do:

  • Business and HR Operations Data: Dive into insights on retail branches, call centers, return-to-office plans, attendance, and more.

  • Business Process Data: Optimize services and resource utilization, analyze sales funnels in conjunction with people data, and identify process optimization opportunities.

  • Business Results Data: Understand the cost to serve, analyze employee travel and expenses, and derive meaningful business insights.

VBS in action: Using people data and business data to optimize return to office policies

Commonwealth Bank of Australia needed to understand if their return to the office plans were working—and specifically, what was working. They partnered with Visier Business Solutions to combine badge scan data with existing HR data. They were able to further break it down to look at certain populations—like caregivers with young children, for instance—to see if they had different working patterns from other groups. Ultimately, they were able to answer questions related to productivity, engagement, and health. 

“We needed to get data-driven evidence based on insights to understand exactly what kind of hybrid working plan would work for the team and how to go about establishing it...Once we got the attendance data into Visier it allowed us to do that.”

-Gerhard Diedericks, Head of People Analytics, Commonwealth Bank

Unlock the full potential of your data with Visier Business Solutions, where we bridge the gap between people and business data, empowering you to make better and faster data-driven decisions. 

Learn more about Visier Business Solutions here. To book a demo, reach out to our team customsolutions@visier.com

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