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Business analytics needs people data

People analytics is hard. People data is siloed from business data. We build custom solutions integrating business data with people data by leveraging Visier, the world’s best people analytics solution and the Alpine platform.

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Robust, flexible solutions for all your various business needs

For HR leaders

Extend Visier People® by adding custom subject areas into your analysis. Design and develop custom workflows. Embed enriched data, custom analytics, and custom plans into your processes and analytic workflow.

For line of business leaders

Put a people lens on your business data to drive productivity and effectiveness for your organization. Cost to serve, revenue analytics and developer productivity are just some examples of taking your analytics to a new level.

For system integrators & consultancies

Elevate your data-driven human capital practice when you embed people analytics and leverage our unique machine learning and AI platform to drive speed to value, and bringing analytical insights into all your client engagements.

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Cost to serve

Hybrid/remote work

Occupations and skills

Learning usage


Maximize leadership impact

Accelerate revenue growth

Combine your people and business data to gain complete clarity on your true cost to serve. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to data-driven insights that help you optimize pricing, product offerings, and resource allocation.

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Solutions For:



Accelerate revenue growth

Connect business outcomes to people

People data


Employee Experience

Applicant Tracking


Performance Mgmt.

Biz data


Service Desk

Project Mgmt.

Financial Systems


Outcome focused insight

Will I have enough headcount to meet our revenue or production goals next quarter?

Will I have enough headcount to meet our revenue or production goals next quarter?