The C Sheet April 1 |...

The C Sheet April 1 | Work Vampires and Nailing Your Job Posting

This week in The C Sheet: Beware of work vampires and nail your job posting with seven tips for writing a job description.

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The C Sheet April 1 | Work Vampires and Nailing Your Job Posting

1. Work vampires

Do you have an energy vampire at work? Energy vampires are toxic people who leave you emotionally exhausted and, unable to return to work at hand. Here are some tips to keep them away that don’t involve garlic. Workplace ‘energy vampires’ can drain your life force. Stop them with these tips (CNN)

2. Flextime is the future 

Now that we know it doesn’t matter where we work, it’s time to focus on the when. Should people be forced to work during the same hours if some are more productive in the evenings and others at night? Is the 9-to-5 work schedule the next old way of work to go? The 9-to-5 Schedule Should Be the Next Pillar of Work to Fall (The New York Times) 

3. Hybrid is a requirement 

According to a Pew Research study, 61% of people still want to work from home for better productivity and work life balance — and the job applications show for it. Job openings that are listed as either partially or fully remote get seven times more applicants. Remote and hybrid jobs are attracting 7 times more applicants than in-person roles (CNBC)

4. Better benefits

New research shows there’s a disconnect between employees’ well-being and leadership’s perception of it. In this employee economy, companies need to do more to help their employees with their benefits. One way? People data. Here’s how: The new rules of engagement (Business Insider)

5. Some hubris never hurt

Having an unchecked ego is detrimental to being a good leader, putting you at risk of manipulation and narrowing your vision. Humble yourself by hiring people who aren’t afraid to speak up. Ego Is the Enemy of Good Leadership (Harvard Business Review) 

6. The art of job descriptions 

Struggling to get job applicants? You may want to check your job listing copy — and not just for typos. Here are seven common mistakes: 7 things companies get wrong when writing job descriptions (Fast Company)

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