The CHRO's Guide to Generative AI

And the 10 use cases every HR leader must know and understand for successful adoption.

Just as the Internet ushered in a new era of innovation, so too will generative AI bring about a new way of getting work done. And, just like digital transformation became the watchword for every functional leader in the Internet era, generative AI will force every functional leader, including the CHRO, to recalibrate their strategy to capitalize on current and future innovations.

At the intersection of generative AI and practical application lies the potential for HR to deliver even more value to businesses. In this eBook, we anticipate 10 foundational ways in which generative AI will redefine the landscape of what is possible for HR to deliver to the business.

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  • How AI is poised to transform HR from efficient to effective
  • Why HR is perfectly poised to adopt genAI now
  • 10 AI use cases from better decision-making to elevated data literacy to empowering managers