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The C Sheet January 21: Optimizing Innovation, Jobs for the Future of Work, and the End of Sick Days

1. You Can’t Force Creativity, But You Can Put Yourself In Front of It 

Innovation is key to success, but how can you capture that lightning in a bottle? While it can’t be forced, it can be optimized. Here’s how: How to Come Up With More Truly Innovative Ideas (Inc.) 

2. Introducing: The Head of The Future of Work 

With remote and hybrid work here to stay, there’s a new hot job title in town: Head of the Future of Work. According to LinkedIn, titles that include “hybrid work” have had a 304% increase—have you hired someone dedicated to this on your team? The Next In-Demand Job Title: Head Of The Future Of Work (Forbes)

3. Goodbye, Sick Days 

Just as remote schooling did away with snow days, remote work has killed the sick day. Now that the office is your living room, employees no longer have to worry about infecting their coworkers. But just because you can work, should you? For Remote Workers, the Sick Day Is Over (Wall Street Journal) 

4. Several People Are Typing…   

Gone are the days where you could lean over your desk to ask a colleague a question. Now that communication requires a greater amount of effort, people are experiencing communication burnout. This piece offers some tips to manage: 3 tips we still need to handle communication overload (Fast Company) 

5. A Letter from the CEO: The Old Way of Work is Dead 

“No relationship has been changed more by the pandemic than the one between employers and employees,” wrote BlackRock CEO Larry Fink in his 2022 annual letter to CEOs. He warns that companies that don’t meet the moment will fail. LARRY FINK’S 2022 LETTER TO CEOS: The Power of Capitalism (BlackRock)

6. Put Some Imagination in Your Work Day 

In 2020, we learned that companies have to be flexible with how work gets done. In 2022, businesses who are the most imaginative with those plans will have the most success with retaining and attracting employees. Four-day weeks and the freedom to move anywhere: Companies are rewriting the future of work (again) (Washington Post)

About the author: Grace Sheppard

Grace is a content marketing coordinator at Visier, where she helps create and organize ideas. She has experience in a variety of marketing roles, including social media and event management. Outside of work, Grace enjoys writing fiction and walking with her dog, Pippy.

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