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Why Professional Employer Organizations Win with People Analytics

Learn how professional employer organizations can empower their customers with HR insights that are grounded in people data.

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Over the past year, HR’s role has become more important than ever—not just helping workers adapt to a rapidly changing work environment, but envisioning what the workplaces of tomorrow will look like

With hybrid working models expected to become the norm, the pressure on Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) will only intensify. It’s crucial for PEOs to have the right information at their fingertips to inform decision-making, whether it’s for a recommendation around pay raises or promotions. 

PEOs know their customers have questions about turnover, compensation, and how to retain their people. Expectations are high, and in order to answer those critical questions about their customers’ businesses, they need the right insights. But most small and medium-sized companies don’t have the resources needed to accomplish this. That’s where the power of people analytics comes in

Bring the power of people analytics to your service offering

By leveraging people analytics, PEOs can get their customers to value faster by giving them the ability to drill into HR data in areas like employee mobility and benchmark their promotion rates against their peers. Our solution analyzes people data to generate actionable, easily understood insights that help organizations make evidence-based decisions.

Visier Embedded Analytics helps PEOs stand out from the competition and add value to their customers by offering advanced people analytics insights.

Visier Embedded Analytics for PEOs

Visier puts powerful analytics directly in the hands of PEOs, allowing them to help their customers achieve their people goals like reducing turnover, maximizing talent, or getting a handle on unnecessary overtime.

By connecting the data PEOs already collect to best-in-class machine learning and analytics, Visier transforms HR data into hundreds of pre-built visualizations, questions, and answers. Armed with information, PEO consultants can advise customers how to make better people decisions—without a background in analytics or data.

Visier Embedded Analytics allows PEOs to get clear and accurate insights into the health and success of their customers’ workforces. With this information, PEOs can help their customers confidently:

  • Measure the benefits of benefits

  • Improve retention

  • Support a culture of diversity and inclusion

  • Drive stronger growth strategies

  • Get deeper insights into hourly and salaried workforces

  • Streamline all HR needs into one platform and vendor

  • Enhance the employee experience

Want to learn how your organization can benefit from Visier Embedded Analytics? Visit www.visier.com/embedded 

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