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What Is Embedded Analytics?

Embedded analytics are analytics capabilities that are integrated within another application — and the value goes far beyond just convenience.

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Today, the ability to create and explore dashboards that deliver insights is no longer a luxury for your customers—it’s a necessity. 

As digital transformation continues to accelerate, product leaders at technology platforms have to identify the quickest, easiest, and smartest way to deliver on the need for analytics.

Many of your customers and prospects are already looking for an analytics solution to make smarter business decisions with their data. Perhaps equally importantly, your competitors are entering the race to deliver on analytics. It’s up to you to decide how you’re going to fulfill your customers’ needs.

But integrating analytics capabilities into your application can be easier than you think. Let’s dive into what embedded analytics is and how it delivers value to your customers while keeping your product competitive.

What is embedded analytics?

Embedded analytics are just as the name implies: analytics that are seamlessly connected within a product like yours.

Analytics are generated from data your solution already collects and maintains, usually structured as an in-app dashboard that displays reports and insights. Since embedded analytics are integrated into your application or software product, they maintain the look and feel of your solution. 

Embedded analytics give your users a deeper understanding of how their business works that they can use to drive decision-making — without ever leaving the solution they’re already familiar with.

The value of embedded analytics

The value of embedded analytics goes far beyond just convenience. Analytics are certainly easier to access if they’re embedded within a product — but many users, your customers included, may not have the expertise to access analytics in any other way. 

Embedded analytics bring many critical benefits. For end users, it helps them to explore their data and uncover new insights. For product leaders, it’s the best way to enrich and cultivate a data-driven experience for customers with the latest analytics capabilities built-in. 

Even without data science expertise, your customers want to be able to access the power of data to enable better business decision making. With embedded analytics capabilities built into your platform, it takes the burden off the end user from having to generate those insights in another application.

Embedded analytics and HR

For HR, embedded analytics have especially great potential. Like other users, HR professionals want to embrace data-driven decision making. But they face an additional challenge. 

As a notoriously non-technical discipline, easy-to-use solutions are in especially high demand by HR professionals. HR users need analytics that are not only powerful and geared for the types of people data they’re generating, but also easy to use with an intuitive user experience. 

Implementing Visier gave us easier abilities to analyze, dig into data issues, and prioritize.” 


Pre-built BI solutions aren’t domain-specific enough to meet the needs of HR. With BI solutions, HR departments are left reliant on IT to build and maintain their dashboards and reports. This becomes a burden on IT, who with no prior experience in HR, is left to create reports that HR will find valuable.

The needs of HR in the era of digital transformation run deep, but using analytics can still feel daunting to HR leaders — especially in small to midsize businesses. It’s up to product leaders to deliver on analytics that provides the content HR needs, while still being easy and intuitive.

A new professional standard

Both within HR and in general, embedded analytics make data-driven decisions accessible. Customers need analytics. They know their business data has value, and they expect their applications to help them extract it and find insights.

Product leaders that can bring analytics within their customers’ reach aren’t just providing more value — they’re creating new revenue and growth opportunities for their own platform. Embedded analytics can be introduced as a new or add-on offering, creating revenue opportunities for vendors. 

The value of embedded analytics is clear. They bring better decision-making to customers, plus contribute to a better product — and more revenue — for solution providers. But how can product leaders bring embedded analytics to their customers, especially if they don’t have in-house analytics expertise? 

Partnering for embedded analytics

“Mid-sized organizations face the same challenges as large organizations, but often don’t have the resources to invest in data and analytics. Packaged analytics with Visier allows SMBs to transform and gain insight into their most important asset in minutes.” 


With Visier’s Embedded Analytics, product leaders can harness the depth and breadth of industry-leading people analytics, and bring advanced capabilities and value to their HR customers. 

We make people analytics simple and accessible, so your customers can focus on what really matters — their people. Our solution generates insights and reports that help users make data-driven decisions that moves their business forward, no analytics experience required. 

Throughout integration and long after our analytics are an essential part of your product, you’ll be constantly supported by the largest people analytics community out there. We’ll make sure you’re always meeting your customers needs — and HR is a field where those needs are always changing.

Interested in Visier’s Embedded Analytics? Download our infosheet and learn how our solution can empower your customers and transform your business.

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