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The C Sheet February 4: A Need for Better Managers, The Rooney Rule, and Moonlighting

In this week's roundup of workforce news: Do you need your manager? According to one survey, 83% of workers said no.

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1. Who needs managers anyways? 

In a recent survey, 83% of workers said that they could do their job without a manager. A potential cause: ill-equipped managers. After all, promotions to management positions are likely due to individual performance—not leadership qualities. Here’s how companies can fix this issue: Do we still need managers? Most workers say ‘no’ (Fast Company)

2. “It’s not the rule, it’s the people” 

The Rooney Rule was established in the NFL almost 20 years ago to help increase the number of minority head coaches in the league; however, progress is lacking—by a lot. Of the 32 franchises there are only three head coaches who are people of color. Why a 20-year effort by the NFL hasn’t led to more minorities in top coaching jobs (NPR) 

3. The risk of remote work

While there are benefits associated with working from home such as improved work-life balance, a new report by the UN outlines the downsides. If employers don’t take precautions, teleworking poses risks to employees’ physical, mental, and social health. Crucial changes needed to protect workers’ health while teleworking (World Health Organization) 

4. Working in the moonlight 

While moonlighting is not new, what was once done to make ends meet, is now to make extra cash thanks to remote work. But how is it affecting job performance? The hidden reason people don’t want to go back to the office (Fast Company) 

5. The new hot hire: Teachers  

Teachers are saying farewell to their classrooms and hello to new industries. Last year, education workers were the highest group of employees to leave their jobs—and companies are eager to swoop them up. Teachers Are Quitting, and Companies Are Hot to Hire Them (Wall Street Journal)

6. There’s an imposter among us

Have you ever hired someone but when they showed up on the first day, you could have sworn they were someone else? In this entertaining account, not only did a new hire act differently from the interview process, they also looked a little different too. Are they the same person? The new hire who showed up is not the same person we interviewed (Ask a Manager) 

7. Long COVID leaves millions out of work

Of the 2.2 million fewer people working since the beginning of the pandemic, an estimated 1.6 million are missing work due to long COVID. Making matters worse, there’s no telling when they’ll be back. A cause of America’s labor shortage: Millions with long COVID (CBS News)

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