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New Visier Products Spring 2023: Essentials, Skills Intelligence Engine, Workplace Dynamics, and More!

Visier's innovative new products include Visier People Essentials, Skills Intelligence Engine, Workplace Dynamics, and more. Take a tour and learn more!

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Visier new product release Spring 2023

This week at our annual Outsmart customer event, we introduce a groundbreaking collection of new products that lower the hurdle for organizations to become more data-driven in their workforce strategies. With so much exciting innovation to share, let’s jump right in!

Visier People®: Essentials

Your surest path to People Analytics success

It’s no secret that people are usually the largest expense in any organization, but they’re often the least understood. Organizations want to be more data-driven in their decision making about people, but we often hear that they don’t know how to get started, don’t want to boil the ocean, or have tried to get a people analytics practice off the ground and failed due to higher-than-expected expense, slow time to value, or lack of internal resources. 

Visier People: Essentials was developed to provide a fast, easy onramp to people analytics success. It provides everything organizations need to launch, scale, or enhance their people analytics program in one simple, cost-effective package that includes:

  • The #1-rated people analytics platform according to Sapient Insights

  • A huge range of out-of-the-box insights to solve the HR challenges that matter most

  • Full access to Visier’s built-in benchmark data sourced from over 20 million anonymized employee records so you know what good looks like

  • Visier’s fastest-ever time to value

  • Expert professional services to guide organizations every step of the way

In a matter of weeks, you can get insights into eight high-impact areas: headcount & movement; budgeted comp & workforce cost; turnover & retention; talent acquisition; diversity, equity & inclusion; employee engagement; HR effectiveness; and employee benchmarks. 

As your needs evolve over time, we have an unmatched portfolio of add-on capabilities to grow at your own pace, including workforce planning, collaboration analytics, and learning & development. 

And we’re with you every step of the way to ensure you’re wildly successful. Visier People Essentials includes the following services to get you up and running quickly and ensure success over time:

  • Onboarding: includes solution architecture, security, and data onboarding

  • Training: a comprehensive training program using your organization’s data

  • Value advisory: includes custom content design, rollout support, and our analytics accelerator program tailed to help you discover insights within your data

Interested in seeing Visier People Essentials in action? Take an online tour here, or request a demo from one of our people analytics experts. 

Free ebook: 10 Ways People Analytics Drives Transformational Business Impact Beyond HR

Visier People®: Skills Intelligence Engine

Your skills journey starts here

Over the last couple years, there’s been a lot of buzz about the need to become a skills-based organization. And with good reason—businesses must continually evolve to succeed. But in many cases, the reality hasn’t lived up to the hype. In our conversations with customers, prospects, and industry experts, we hear that many organizations’ skills initiatives have turned out to be overly complex, expensive, time-consuming, and just plain unwieldy. 

Why? Because too often organizations are jumping into the deep end of the pool, for example by buying a talent marketplace before building the foundation and understanding their current state. Our new Skills Intelligence Engine is the ideal starting point for most organizations looking to get started on their skills journey,  identifying the skills their organization already has as well as the skills they need.

Visier’s solution is different from others in that it gives organizations skills data on every employee and requisition literally overnight—so you can focus on solving strategic problems now. With Visier People: Skills Intelligence Engine, you can enhance and augment ALL of your HR processes with skills data and insights, including applying a skills lens to:

  • Retention

  • Compensation and pay equity  

  • Internal movement

  • Skills planning

  • Retirement risk

Visier People Skills Intelligence Engine provides an advanced jobs and skills ontology with over 3,000 occupations (for employees and requisitions), 15M+ job titles, 14,000+ standardized skills, across 27 industries and 27 different languages. It also provides insights into the automatability and remote workability of skills, so you can make better decisions about recruiting, retention, compensation, and remote work.

Learn more about Visier People Skills Intelligence Engine here

Visier People®: Workplace Dynamics

Collaboration insights to improve productivity & effectiveness

With distributed workforces, the rise of hybrid and remote work, increasing employee burnout, and the ubiquity of digital collaboration, it’s now more difficult—and more critical—than ever to understand how employees and teams get work done. 

Visier People: Workplace Dynamics helps organizations understand how people work in order to provide the insights needed to create high-performing teams, reveal organizational risks, and empower employees and leaders to maximize their impact. 

Workplace Dynamics uses passive listening to understand how and with whom employees collaborate, how they feel, and how they get work done. This is then combined with actively solicited employee feedback, including strengths and weaknesses of team members with whom employees are working closely, to provide the most complete view of employee collaboration, well-being, and productivity. 

Initially launched in late 2022, a number of new capabilities to the Workplace Dynamics product offering have recently been added, including:

  • Turn sentiment, feedback, team dynamics, and work patterns into real-time, actionable insights that help people work better together and maximize productivity.

  • Reveal truths that are dangerously hidden in organizations, including burnout, risk of exit, and under utilized talent. When revealed, these result in a more resilient business.

  • Provide continuous insights to everyone in the organization, enabling colleagues to become better teammates, managers, and partners. 

Interested in learning more? Take an online tour here, or get more detail

Alpine Custom Solutions

Transformational impact beyond HR

The CHRO is being called upon to be an increasingly influential—and strategic—leader in nearly every organization. After all, businesses are nothing without people, and we believe the next 25 years will be led by organizations who can unlock the strategic value of their people.

We recently introduced Alpine Custom Solutions to help connect business outcomes to people. Our team works with you to design, build and deploy new applications that integrate your people data with operational and business data. With Alpine Custom Solutions, you can answer questions such as:

  • Who are my top performers and most productive employees, and how do I mitigate potential risks of losing them?

  • What are the drivers of sales success, and how can we build a stronger sales team?

  • Who are my most effective leaders and managers, and how can I enhance leadership impact?

  • What is my cost to serve, and how can I optimize pricing, product offerings, and resource allocation?

You can learn more about Alpine Custom Solutions here

Free ebook: 10 Ways People Analytics Drives Transformational Business Impact Beyond HR

Additional innovations

Work location analysis, alerts, custom solutions, and more

In addition to the major product launches above, Visier released several other new product enhancements, including:

  • Location Check-ins: Allowing organizations to load and analyze workplace check-in data, which occurs through a badge swipe or an access card at a physical location or a network login. Using this feature can help you answer questions such as: Are hybrid employees adhering to agreed-upon workplace policies? Are costly office locations being used as expected? How do performance, productivity, and turnover compare between employees working in-office, remotely, and hybrid? 

  • Exception Alerts: Raises a flag anytime a metric of interest rises or falls outside of the historical norm within an organization. This functionality saves hours of sifting through and analyzing data to identify what’s significant in it.

  • Long-term Project Assignments: Allows organizations that deploy employees to long-lived, but time-bound, projects to assess usage and team composition. This can be used to apply diversity to the mix of talent on specific projects and maximize productivity within a staff base.

There’s never been a better time to get started with people analytics – we hope you’ll join us.

See why Visier is the #1 People Analytics solution on the market. Click to take a tour.

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