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Sapient Insights Group 2022–2023 HR Systems Survey White Paper, 25th Annual Edition

Visier leads as the definitive leader in the HR Analytics and Planning category, ranking #1 by a significant margin in both User Experience & Vendor Satisfaction.

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People analytics is now mission-critical

With more than 90% of organizations still using spreadsheets at some level in their HR technology stack, the need for more focused, efficient, and collaborative solutions is at an all-time high.

Fortunately, HR Analytics and Planning Systems have matured into sophisticated, powerful tools that benefit the entire organization’s health and success.

Making a decision about the next evolution of your technology stack for 2023? Start here with the insights to inform your business leaders on the current HR landscape so they can make an educated choice on their next major investment in their people.

What you’ll find in this research report:

  • Why Visier is top ranked in User Experience and Vendor Satisfaction according to real customer feedback.
  • Exclusive research based on 2,515 unique organizations representing 37 million employees and contingent workers.
  • Projections of adoption rates for both vendors and technology types in the HR Analytics and Planning space.

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