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What Are HR Dashboards?

HR dashboards give businesses a snapshot into their workforce performance and people metrics, helping then make decisions faster. Learn more.

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Visier HR Glossary

An HR dashboard is a business intelligence tool that allows businesses and HR teams to record, evaluate, and report on various HR performance metrics or people analytics. Dashboards provide a high-level summary of various types of information or metrics that offer insights into people-related data.

What is the value of an HR dashboard?

The effective use of HR dashboards can drive better business results by providing HR leaders and their teams with the information they need to make strategic decisions and informed recommendations. 

Dashboards centralize data and metrics, making the information readily available for analysis by senior leaders, HR teams, managers, and others. HR dashboards not only inform decision-making but, in a culture of data transparency and democracy, also build trust and engagement amongst employees.

HR dashboards can be customized to meet an organizations’ unique needs. For example, they can combine key performance metrics to focus on the data points that are most aligned with strategic business goals and objectives.

What are the pros and cons of HR dashboards?

The main pro of HR dashboards is their ability to centralize and simply key HR metrics. 

They offer: 

  • A one-stop shop for high-level tracking

  • The ability to personalize reporting

  • User interfaces that can aid in more effective decision-making

There are, however, some cons to HR dashboards. Because dashboards provide a variety of data in a single place, they convey a non-prioritized look at metrics, suggesting they are all of the same level of importance. Dashboards also simplify what could be very complex data points, failing to dig into the nuance behind specific pieces of information. Lastly, because dashboards are focused on current data, they may fail to convey information related to future outcomes. 

How can technology be used for HR dashboards?

Technology can be used to automate the creation and use of dashboards to make data more readily available, accessible, and modifiable to aid in important people-related decisions. In addition, technology can provide users with the ability to drill down deeper into the data, boosting the value of high-level metrics to allow customized views and access to more granular information. 

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