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3 Reasons HR Tech Vendors Choose...

3 Reasons HR Tech Vendors Choose Visier Embedded Analytics

Learn how HR companies can use people analytics to power their HR strategy.

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People analytics has been an HR buzzword for ages, but until recently has only been available to large enterprises. Today, that’s no longer the case. Now, over 70% of organizations are investing in people analytics solutions to integrate data into their decision-making. People analytics is now a priority for every CHRO, no matter what size of company. 

Here are 3 reasons why HR tech vendors look to embedded analytics to deliver insights to their customers:

1. It’s the fastest way to deliver analytics to your customers

Visier offers an analytics solution that embeds best-in-class people analytics directly into your HR platform. We support your organization with everything it needs to commercialize analytics in less than 6 months (like development, deployment, enhancements, sales training, marketing, and more).

For HR companies, it’s crucial to marry the data within their systems with an analytics solution. Without it, your customers lose the greater context of their data, making informed decisions near impossible. That’s where Visier can help. 

2. Capture more revenue with analytics

32% of organizations pay extra fees for embedded analytics today, according to Josh Bersin and Sapient Insights. That’s a lot of upside for vendors looking to capture more revenue tied to analytics.

Visier Embedded Analytics can be used for cross-product analysis as well, creating a very attractive cross-sell story since the more solutions your customers use, the more insights analytics can offer. And they are built for everyday business users and SMBs—no data scientist or coding knowledge required.

By connecting your HRIS solution to best-in-class machine learning and analytics, Visier transforms your customers’ data into hundreds of pre-built visualizations, questions, and answers.

3. Analytics helps HRIS vendors attract more customers and increase customer satisfaction

People analytics answers your customer’s most pressing questions about the foundation of their organization. Employee demographics, organizational structure, starts and exits, and more can all be found within their HR data. 

When analytics is merged with HR data, your customers gain insight into the impact of employee mobility on business and the ability to benchmark promotion rates against other companies in their industry or competitors. 

With Visier, HR technology providers can bring advanced analytics capabilities within your customers’ reach, helping them confidently act to:

  • Measure the benefits of benefits 

  • Improve retention 

  • Support a culture of diversity and inclusion 

  • Drive stronger growth strategies 

  • Get deeper insights into hourly and salaried workforces 

  • Streamline all HR needs into one platform and vendor 

  • Enhance the employee experience

See how Visier, the #1 People Analytics solution on the market, embeds within your product.

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