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Your strongest superpower is: Vision

You breathe inspiration into the teams around you, and have a clear picture for how you want to shape the future. You are gifted with the strength of vision.

The 2020 health crisis forced many organizations into a “here-and-now” mode of operating. But you also had your eyes on the horizon, preparing for post-pandemic challenges and opportunities. You were thinking about permanent shifts in consumer behavior, the demands of digital transformation, and potential new regulations–and how this would all impact supply and demand dynamics for talent.

Your strengths:

  • Anticipate long-term trends and where the opportunities lie
  • See their current workforce as an asset for the future
  • Be innovative, yet focused and persistent

How people analytics can help you:

With the right people analytics platform, you can ensure your organization has the skills to remain competitive, even as demands change. Skills-based analytics, for example, enable forward-thinking HR leaders to determine where there are gaps and which skills can be developed internally with training, such as with stretch projects. You can also dig into people data to determine whether participants from a specific reskilling program are experiencing more internal movement, flowing from low-demand to high-demand positions. In the years ahead, this kind of analysis will become even more critical to business transformation.