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Your strongest superpower is: Strategy

The freedom to execute strategy effectively is what helps you make the best in-the-moment talent decisions during periods of change–whether it’s a corporate merger, increased competition, economic disruption, or an aggressive growth period.

In 2020, strategic thinking became paramount as the global health crisis plummeted the world into a severe economic recession. “Right-sizing” was particularly challenging and complex, but truly strategic HR leaders like yourself strove to stay focused on organizational health, all while ensuring you were doing the right thing for your employees, your family, and your communities.

Moving into recovery, you’ll be able to flex the agility muscle they developed in recent months to face new types of disruption.

Your strengths:

  • Sees the big and small picture
  • Is naturally curious
  • Anticipates upcoming needs
  • Is flexible and quick to pivot

How people analytics can help you:You recognize that workforce planning is not a one and done process, but a continuous data-driven activity that is supported by people analytics. For example, one healthcare organization is using Visier people analytics to constantly and efficiently adjust staffing to patient volumes while delivering a high quality of care. This kind of agile workforce planning capability is truly a necessity for strategic HR leaders who naturally want to be prepared for any curve balls that might come their way.