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Your strongest superpower is: Empathy

You understand what it means to be in someone else’s shoes. Leaders with empathy act with compassion, while fully acknowledging another’s emotional truth.

Empathy emerged as the most important superpower at the onset of the crisis that became 2020. In a piece published days after the pandemic was declared, HR thought leader Josh Bersin noted that “people are scared, and as a result, we have to create a sense of trust, shared responsibility, and safety.” As the crisis dragged on and on, you remained attuned to your people’s evolving needs.

Your strengths:

  • Forges emotional connections
  • Senses challenges
  • Identifies opportunities for change
  • Takes action that is rooted in acknowledgment

How people analytics can help you:

Compassion starts with understanding. With a continuous listening approach, you can solicit real-time feedback from employees through channels such as micropulse surveys. If a number of employees are reporting a spike in stress, for example, the survey results can feed into a people analytics platform, which helps you and your team determine if the issue is due to a problem within a particular team or if it is more widespread across the organization. This way, you can gain a clear picture of the situation at hand and zone in on what people actually need, instead of relying on gut feel.