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Your strongest superpower is: Daring

A strong dose of daring helps you forge a path through uncharted waters. You have a strong value system, and are not afraid to stand up for what’s right.

In 2020, you dared to move past lip service and actively work to effect change in their organizations, changes like: implementing new D&I training programs, celebrating Juneteenth, and taking a public stand against racism–even if it was seen as risky in their industry. You shared your organization’s diversity data and made public commitments to do better.

Your strengths:

  • Is bold and decisive
  • Braves new territory
  • Demonstrates the courage of conviction

How people analytics can help you:Taking the bold step of becoming truly transformative with D&I means more organizations will have to move up the people analytics maturity curve. With a people analytics platform, you can go from simply sharing static reports to investigating the root causes of complex problems and answering key questions when day-to-day talent decisions are actually being made. This is a critical part of a holistic D&I framework that recognizes it’s not only about measurement and metrics–strong corporate cultures and better talent processes also matter.