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Your strongest superpower is: Connection

Connection enables you to network effectively, facilitate human interaction in the face of work-from-home isolation, and ensure the lines of communication stay open.

Over the past several months, managing connections became more challenging. During the lockdown, almost half of American workers were working from home, “more than double the fraction who worked from home (at least occasionally) in 2017-18,” according to the Brookings Institution. Fewer managers were having valuable ad-hoc face-to-face interactions with teams.

During this shift to hybrid work arrangements, you had better conversations with your teams about hiring, diversity, promotions, and training. You leverage digital tools to manage new ways of collaborating.

Your strengths:

  • Facilitates the flow of communication between leadership and employees
  • Creates a common ground that unites people from disparate teams
  • Understands the metrics and levers needed to create better outcomes

How people analytics can help you:

People analytics enables you to foster productive relationships between managers and their teams, as well as senior leaders and employees. By sharing plans that are rooted in data, for example, you can ensure there is authentic communication from the highest levels of leadership to critical groups about how the business is going to be successful going forward.

You can also foster connections between managers and teams by analyzing team collaboration patterns. When this insight is combined with a people analytics platform that combines data from several systems, you’ll pull the right levers to foster valuable connections.