A platform built for people and their workforce data

We answer your workforce questions, which include interactive visualizations, secure exploration of analysis, comparison, what-if analysis, data journalism, and much more—allowing robust, self-service exploration.

A foundation for analytic success

Storytelling with data

Organized by topics, Visier’s storytelling approach makes it easy to discover answers. Whether you use our delivered analysis story collections or create and share your own, Viser makes it easy to drive decisions.

Event-based data management

Visier gets messy, complex HR data into shape, preparing it and making it insight-ready. Visier is time-based and built to capture the history of people, which ensures you can identify the trends that matter.

Patented in-memory database

Complex queries and calculations, like risk of exit, take milliseconds informing you faster so that you can act. With our patented in-memory database, you can refine and explore your data on-the-fly.

Dynamic security

Enable secure self-service across your organization without risk and without a stable of report writers. With Visier’s role-based access, the user’s profile determines access so everyone’s privacy is protected.

Lifecycle management

Without constant maintenance of data models, queries, and security, BI projects fail. Visier maintains and extends the solution so that it evolves and grows with you, including changing and adding data sources.

Data sources

Visier People accepts data from any solution, including old files sitting on your desktop, so that you can unify your disparate HR solutions and add in other valuable people data creating a single source for answers.

BBVA USA case study

BBVA USA capitalized on workforce insights and reduced annual turnover by 44%.

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