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Visier People®, the leading people analytics and workforce planning solution, provides you with answers to hundreds of pre-built, best practice questions about your workforce, across HR and business topics.

Designed by people data and HR experts to include the answers you need to strategically manage a complex workforce, Visier People supports you and your people analytics and planning needs, from start to finish. With an unmatched all-inclusive subscription model, Visier People gives you access to a Customer Success team that doesn’t stop with onboarding your data, but is focused on continuously delivering you with new business value, so that your returns grow and grow.

"This is my third organization using Visier. Visier’s truly plug-and-play, so you get quick bang for your buck, quick return on investment – and in a really short time, compared to other solutions."

Ebby Ajegbo, Vice President, Human Resources Information Systems, Realogy Corporation

Predictive hr analytics promotion trends by department

Clarity like never before

Hundreds of pre-built analytics, designed for HR and business users, populated for you with your data.

Continuous value delivery

An all-inclusive subscription model, committed to your adoption and success.

Ceaseless innovation

Advanced analytic technology, trailblazing data journalism, and unmatched benchmarks.

Don’t let your dirty data keep you down.

Your dirty data doesn’t scare us and it shouldn’t scare you. Our approach to analytics will shine light on your data and transform it into usable insight.

Achieve real HR transformation.

A new HRIS can help you execute administrative activities faster with fewer errors, but these systems—while they generate lots of data—are only capable of static operational reporting. To achieve true transformation, you need to go beyond an operational focus and aim for strategic excellence – with Visier People.

Plan for change.

You can’t plan for your organization’s changes if you don’t have a clear sense of the current state. With Visier People you can start with an accurate picture of your organization’s headcount and costs, and take historic trends into account.

Connect workforce decisions to business results.

To be strategic you need to connect the workforce to business results that are top of mind for senior leaders. How is retention impacting profits? How is engagement affecting customer satisfaction and revenue? Visier People connects the dots from workforce to business outcomes for you, in a way (and at a low cost) otherwise not possible.

Uncover your data secrets.

The answers to your important workforce questions do not live in your HRIS. Visier People connects all your workforce data, past and present, from all your systems, enabling insights and predictions otherwise not possible—no data warehouse required.

Raise your expectations.

Experience innovative Big Data technology, delivered to you in the cloud by industry experts who are dedicated to your success.

Factors impacting employee retention and employees at risk of leaving
Male data manager holding laptop standing in data center

Visier Analytics Leads the Way

Visier anticipated the need for a new way of doing people analytics and has led the way with our industry-changing, applied business analytics technology, providing unmatched people analytics and workforce planning capabilities. And with quarterly, innovative enhancements and expert data management, others can’t catch up.

Visier People lets you put easy-to-consume, always up-to-date insights at the fingertips of all your leaders, HR practitioners, and business partners, and enables high-impact, collaborative workforce planning.

Go from bad data to business

The data management and technology path from operational reporting to people analytics can take years. Visier People is proven to get you there fast.

There's a reason Visier is referred to as the best deal in software. Visier People has a total cost of ownership that is a fraction of other approaches.

Share insights without worries

Visier People enables secure, real-time sharing of data-driven insights. Create an analysis once and share it many times - —recipients will only ever see the data they are authorized to see.

See workforce costs clearly

To impact the business, HR must connect the workforce with its costs. Visier People provides a complete view of all your workforce costs and how they are changing, putting HR in the driver’'s seat.

Replace transacting with acting

Who should I give a pay increase to? Promote? Take action to retain? Visier People gives you the insights to respond strategically to daily questions like these, letting HR replace transacting with acting.

Ask "what if?"

What if the labor market gets tighter? What if we locate a new team in one region instead of another? What if we launch a new product or service? Visier People lets you create and compare workforce plan scenarios with ease.

Unified view of headcount plan and cost of workforce YTD
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Experience a true partnership, with all-inclusive pricing

Visier is dedicated to your success. With other approaches, it can take millions of dollars to build a data warehouse, integrate data, assemble queries, create metrics, visualizations, dashboards, and reports. With Visier, there is just one predictable annual subscription fee, and access to unparalleled insights and capabilities.

Take the next step.

See Visier in action. Book your demo and discover how Visier can help your organization.