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Understanding your people data creates unprecedented opportunity for HR. Opportunity to make connections between previously disparate sets of information to tell a complete story—like learning data to performance data or recruiting data to sales data.

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Answer questions about employee starts and exits, demographics, and diversity using an initial set of HR metrics and analytics. Learn more

Securely distribute planning, and then visualize, and account for your growth today, and tomorrow. Learn more

Connect recruiting data with employee outcomes so you can refine and define recruitment processes, programs, and results. Learn more

Ensure that you have a pool of outstanding talent to drive the business today, and a leadership succession plan to support the future. Learn more

Connect learning data with KPI to measure program effectiveness and direct your learning resources where they’ll have the most impact. Learn more

Use all your organization data to analyze factors leading to overtime, absences and productivity of your hourly workforce. Learn more

Understand your organization’s current diversity level, set goals and influence change. Learn more

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Understand how industries like yours outperform by making better people decisions

Business Need
Financial services

Identify, develop, and retain high-performing teams by analyzing business KPIs, performance, and time-to-productivity measures. Learn more

Predict your staffing future and forecast how changes will impact patient care and revenue. Learn more

Understand how trends like overtime and skills shortages are impacting the bottom line. Learn more

Know how to attract the best technology talent, develop and retain them.
Learn more

Accurately forecast natural attrition rates and explore workforce scenarios to manage risk. Learn more

Identify the factors that reduce attrition and which staff attributes lead to higher per-store sales to gain the competitive edge. Learn more

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