People Analytics and Workforce Planning - Visier People

Goodbye Reports.
Hello Insights.

Visier People™, the leading people analytics and workforce planning solution, is a cloud-based people strategy platform that provides answers to hundreds of pre-built, best practice questions, across a range of HR and business topics.

Offering unmatched people insights, Visier People also enables continuous, collaborative, data-driven planning that lets HR make more informed investments and mitigate workforce risks.

Unleash your potential with the best people analytics
and workforce planning solution.

Give new life to your old HRMS… or make the transition to your new one easier

Visier People gives you the most comprehensive, innovative people analytics solution available, regardless of what your HRMS is today or tomorrow.

Upskill without the hill

Visier People was designed for HR and business users, enabling effortless, real-time, data-driven decision making and planning across your organization.

Master the black art of projecting workforce costs

Variables like turnover, off cycle compensation changes, and overtime mean your workforce costs are in flux throughout the year. Visier People gives you a complete, up-to-date view into all your workforce costs and how they are changing.

Discover your data secrets

The answers to important workforce questions do not live in your HRMS. Visier People connects all your workforce data, past and present, from all your systems, enabling insights and predictions otherwise not possible - no data warehouse required.

Raise your expectations

Experience innovative Big Data technology, delivered to you in the cloud by industry experts who are dedicated to your success.

Go from vaporware to always there

Visier doesn’t market “futures.” What you see is what you get: unmatched people analytics and workforce planning capabilities, new product enhancements every quarter, and expert data management — delivered to you in the cloud, based on a patented, industry-changing applied business analytics technology.

Replace data crunching with business shaping

Whether spreadsheets, visualization toolsets, or modules delivered by your HRMS provider, other offerings require manual effort, coding, and data management on your part—and the costs add up. Visier delivers a complete solution to you in the cloud, performing your data management for you.

Visier People lets you put easy-to-consume, always up-to-date insights at the fingertips of all your leaders, HR practitioners, and business partners, and enables high-impact, collaborative workforce planning.

Visier People’s Machine Learning technology is up to 17x more accurate at predicting who will resign than other approaches.

Predict the future

Visier People’s predictive analytics engine is designed to use random forest classification—a powerful machine learning technique—and combines classification with regression techniques.

Go from bad data to business

The data management and technology path from operational reporting to people analytics can take years. Visier People is proven to get you there fast.

There's a reason Visier is referred to as the best deal in software. Visier People has a total cost of ownership that is a fraction of other approaches.

Share insights without worries

Visier People enables secure, real-time sharing of data-driven insights. Create a visual report once and share it many times - —recipients will only ever see the data they are authorized to see.

See workforce costs clearly

To impact the business, HR must connect the workforce with its costs. Visier People provides a complete view of all your workforce costs and how they are changing, putting HR in the driver’'s seat.

Replace transacting with acting

Who should I give a pay increase to? Promote? Take action to retain? Visier People gives you the insights to respond strategically to daily questions like these, letting HR replace transacting with acting.

Ask "what if?"

What if the labor market gets tighter? What if we locate a new team in one region instead of another? What if we launch a new product or service? Visier People lets you create and compare workforce plan scenarios with ease.

Experience a true partnership, with all-inclusive pricing

Visier is dedicated to your success. With other approaches, it can take millions of dollars to build a data warehouse, integrate data, assemble queries, create metrics, visualizations, dashboards, and reports. With Visier, there is just one predictable annual subscription fee, and access to unparalleled insights and capabilities.